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TAKE 5 (minutes) with CT's Director of Equipment Listings and Sales

TAKE 5 (minutes) with CT's Director of Equipment Listings and Sales

When you call the Sales number listed in many of our posts or from the website, you’ll get a direct connection to the energetic and friendly voice of Rick Davis, our Director of Equipment Listings, Sales, and Digital Strategy, at his office in Austin, TX.

If you’ve worked with Rick, you know that he specializes in developing solutions and creating win-win situations. We sat down with Rick to learn more about how he spends his days making life easier for our customers (that’s you!) — whether that ultimately means helping you find the right roaster, or selling your roaster to the right buyer.

Hey, Rick. Thanks for hanging out with us today!

Absolutely! Thanks for checking in!

So, we understand you’re kinda the “activity igniter” at CoffeeTec. What does a typical day for you look like?

Well, it’s different every day, which I simply love. I keep a solid schedule managing all of our digital strategy, marketing, outreach, and database relationships. I also head up our Listings & Sales, and our Vendor Marketplace. The short of it is: I spend a lot of time talking to people in our coffee community, all day, every day! And, as you can imagine, I’m highly tuned in to our customers’ needs.

Roger that! Definitely sounds like you have the pulse on the CoffeeTec community, for sure! Tell us, what’s the best part of each day for you at CoffeeTec? 

Definitely the relationships I’m building with our customers, and finding and putting together exactly what they need — whether that’s helping them buy or sell a coffee roaster or other related equipment, or simply consulting with them on their roastery equipment needs. This can include immediate needs, or supporting their future plans.

You were mentioning earlier about an amazing technique you’ve developed that has refined and leveraged the roastery equipment buying and selling process for your customers. Tell us about it. 

Well, as the global leader in coffee roastery equipment sourcing, selling and consulting, CoffeeTec has a very large database of interest profiled buyers-in-waiting. Through our CT Connect program, when customers fill out different forms in different areas of our website, we can connect used equipment sellers and new manufacturers with buyers. 

Now, here’s the cool part. These buyers have told us what they want, when they want it, and how much they are wanting to invest. So, we have relationships with hundreds of “primed” customers that we connect with the perfect equipment seller.

Look at this way: When a new listing comes in, it’s a lot like pocket listings in real estate where you connect buyers with sellers before going “live.” In the real estate world, that would be like posting a listing live on the MLS. The website is our equivalent. It generates more than 40,000 unique hits per month and hundreds of daily instant chats.

So, how does the pocket listing concept work exactly?

I have the ability to create an initial “non-public” equipment listing with full detail and pictures and then send it to specific profiled buyers that match the equipment. I offer them a “special pre-listing invitation” where they can view, ask questions, and decide to buy for 48 hours before going live to the website. This results in some nice competition, and in some cases, increased take prices for our sellers. But, best of all, it satisfies our buyers’-in-waiting needs with a perfect match to what they are looking for.

Do you have an example of a situation where this happened? 

Many! Most recently, we had a beautiful 2018 white Diedrich IR-12 come in. I sent out the pre-listing to some folks I knew would be interested. That roaster never hit the website. And, in less than 20 hours total, I identified a buyer and they were happy to pay full price. But, there’s more…. In this case, we gave the seller actually more than what they asked for due to the full price offer.

It happened again just this last week with a 5-kilo roaster. I had four interested parties at the same time in less than 48 hours. Doesn’t take much to know happened next...

Wow. That’s amazing! Sounds like a win-win for everyone involved! So, let’s jump off work for a sec. What do you like doing in your free time? 

What free time? Ha! I live, breathe, eat, and drink CoffeeTec 24/7. No matter where I am, I’m always thinking about how to use technology and tighter communications for maximizing results for our customers. But, when I do try to relax, I love hanging out with my loved ones, indoor cycling, personal development, and immersing myself in Austin’s rich music and foodie scene.

I also enjoy motorcycling in the western Hill Country of Austin on my Vulcan touring bike, skydiving, enjoying water sports around the world, and taking my beautiful Grand Design RV to new, adventurous places.

What’s one thing you want your customers to know about CoffeeTec and what you offer?

This is an absolutely wild industry with ongoing innovations and amazing people who love to roast coffee and serve others. For almost 50 years now, CoffeeTec has been right there for our customers. We are tightly involved and passionately part of this community as we source and sell roastery equipment — as well consult, develop, and relocate plants. We are only getting bigger and better at what we do as we continually bring on new equipment manufacturers and relationships to our network, all to serve our customers needs. There is no one else globally that does what we do, and especially, how we do it.