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TAKE 5 (minutes): Inside Toper Roasters

TAKE 5 (minutes): Inside Toper Roasters

Three months ago, CoffeeTec added the bold, reliable Toper Roasters to our expansive collection of quality roastery equipment. The new and improved line of TKM-SX model roasters impresses in shop and industrial varieties that are available in an incredible range of sizes, from 3 kilo all the way up to 500 — though the CoffeeTec catalog stops at 180 kilo models.  

Excitingly, CoffeeTec was also able to add two new machines to their 100% electric roaster line - the 3k and 5k Toper workhorses. There is so much to gush over about this company that we sat down with Rick Davis, CoffeeTec Director of Equipment Listings, Sales, and Vendor Relations, to discuss Toper Roasters equipment, what he loves about them, and what you can expect when you make a Toper Roaster purchase through CoffeeTec.

Why did CoffeeTec decide to form a relationship with Toper Roasters?

We chose to add this incredible line of roasters because CoffeeTec is always looking for new coffee roasting equipment manufacturers that meet our high standards to help support our coffee community's needs. The TKM-SX line gives our audience a new roaster option that's price-sensitive yet is dependable, reliable, consistent in roast, and has a bold, impactful look. It has additional features that roasters seek, including cutting-edge technology options, with a straightforward, double-walled cast-iron drum-roasting experience. Compared to Probat, it's a solid machine that holds up.  

Toper has been around for 47 years but reinvented itself with the TKM-SX line. Known for their innovation every roaster sold comes with your choice of color, a customized drum finish, and a placard with your logo adhered to both sides of the drum. Every single Toper roaster sold has these perks! Ultimate customization without added cost. 30k and up roasters are fully loaded, meaning they are automated and include Toper roaster profiles to help step up your roasting game. Compared to its competitors, Toper Roasters are pumped up with automation and software.  

So, long story short, CoffeeTec brought on the TKM-SX line because these roasters look fantastic while performing beautifully, cranking out perfectly roasted beans every time - exactly what our customers constantly ask for.

You’ve hinted at a few already, but tell us, what is your favorite thing or things about the Toper Roaster collection?

My favorites about the TKM-SX line boil down to great value, unbeatable customization, and the loads of additional features built into each machine. Toper roasters arrive quickly, typically within 10 weeks of purchase, and the 30 kilo + industrial line is everything a roaster would want in a machine. 

Not only are they incredibly competitive in pricing and features, but they also stand out! - Price, quality, look - they are just amazing! More importantly, they are durable and consistent, satisfying exactly what our customers need.

Everyone wants a roaster that lasts a lifetime. What can you tell us about the longevity of Toper equipment?

Toper roasters are double-walled, designed specifically for longevity of use. An added bonus of the double-walled drum is the incredible heat consistency you get with each roast. These roasters are designed to work hard and last long. 

But what happens if something goes wrong?

That question is at the top of every professional roaster's mind. Every single Toper roaster comes with a two-year warranty. In the rare instance, an issue does occur, overnight parts will be on their way. If servicing is necessary, Toper’s accessibility for service is crazy fast, and parts are always readily available. Toper supports their customers long after delivery, so you’ll never have to solve a problem alone.

When someone orders a Toper Roaster from CoffeeTec, what can they expect?

The first thing is constant communication and readily available customer support during the ordering, designing, packaging, and shipping process. At the start, a 50% deposit is required to begin production, which takes about four weeks. Then typically, within a total of ten weeks following the order date, your roaster will have arrived! Bigger plants, like 120k and 180k, may take a few weeks longer.

The final stages of production involve incorporating the customer's prior selection of drum finish (stainless steel, brass, chrome, copper) and their custom logo application to both sides of the drum. All the while, the factory shares images along the way so that you get to follow along in the creation of your beautiful custom roaster. During the last steps in production, the roaster is professionally crated and shipped.   

Once the roaster arrives, CoffeeTec provides videos on YouTube that cover everything you’ll need to know, from uncrating to complete installation of the roaster and all included accessories.   

Speaking of accessories, one of the very best parts of CoffeeTec’s relationship with Toper Roasters is the incredible exclusive promotion we are currently offering that adds up to a $7,500 value. Right now, when you purchase a Toper Roaster through CoffeeTec, every single roaster comes with three thermocouples, fire suppression in chaff collector, and variable flame height control - all at no additional charge. It’s truly an excellent deal! 

The greatest aspect of the added accessories like a destoner, loader or afterburner, is that each item is designed to seamlessly connect together. Unlike purchasing third-party accessories, you’ll never have to make modifications to the equipment just to get the parts to mesh together. Toper equipment snuggly fits together like perfectly cut puzzle pieces, and the finale just simply looks incredible! Also, in the industrial 30 kilo+ line (optional in the smaller shop roasters), all the individual equipment pieces “talk” to each other through the automation panel. It truly is something to experience.

Through CoffeeTec, Toper now offers turn-key roasting plants. This type of purchase includes full design schematics, full installation — it’s 100% full service.

Are there any other details that excite CoffeeTec about their relationship with Toper Roasters?

Absolutely! While the relationship is fresh, within the first three months of us carrying the Toper line, in one of the sales, we were given the opportunity to help Mellow Joy Coffee, an 85-year-old Louisiana-based “Cajun” coffee roasting company, revive their brand. By facilitating the purchase and installation of a fully customized, industrial Toper “mini-plant.” Mellow Joy is on its way to cranking out beans with reliable, consistent, reliability, and custom profiles with unrivaled flavor. There are also orders currently in for 20, 90, 120, and 180 kilo machines. Our customers love this product!

We are beyond excited to see how our relationship with Toper develops further and facilitates the growth of coffee shops and roasters across the globe. If you’re a roaster looking for the next big thing, this is it! 

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