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Air Roasting Designed For The Coffee Artisan Craving Unbeatable Control and Efficiency

Air Roasting Designed For The Coffee Artisan Craving Unbeatable Control and Efficiency

We’ve got exciting news! Air-Motion Roasters has joined the CoffeeTec Vendor Marketplace, and they are ready to revolutionize the air-roasting world with their state-of-the-art air roasting technology.     

Cleaner Air Roasters Unlike Anything On The Market

We’re looking forward to hosting Air-Motion’s quieter, more efficient, and completely electric open-chamber roasting machines, including the:

  • Air-Motion 3kg Coffee Roaster
  • Air-Motion 6kg Coffee Roaster
  • Air-Motion 12kg Coffee Roaster

Read on for details about how Air-Motion equipment fills a significant void in the coffee roasting industry and why we’re excited to be U.S. retailers at the forefront of this technological advancement.

The First Air-Motion Roaster Has Arrived in North America

A partnership between 10-year air roasting veteran Julian Platt and his team, Air-Motion is making its debut in the United States and bringing clean-air roasting to the next level. The roasting experience is a symphony of sensory expression made possible by the open-chamber roasting approach. While the beans roast to perfection, you can see them, smell them, and hear them going through the roasting process, rather than simply peering through a tiny window for a sneak peek.   

Air-Motion streamlines every step of the process so that you get to enjoy the art of roasting and deal with little hassle. Replacement parts are stocked in the U.S. and ship overnight, so in the rare instance that the machine goes down, repairs are a breeze. Air-Motion’s inventors know the coffee roasting industry from the inside out and the importance of relying on machines for success. 

While your senses get immersed in the sights and smells of open-chamber roasting, the muffler makes this roaster 60% quieter than others on the market. During the roast, you have unbelievable control over each step, and Air-Motion offers recordable profiles so that you can churn out dependable and perfected roasts every batch.

Cleaner, Fuel-Free Air Roasting Leads to Pure Flavor and Great-Tasting Beans

While other air roasters on the market use fuel to heat the air, Air-Motion roasters are clean-air machines. Unlike others, these roasters provide all three types of heat transfer:

1) CONVECTION HEAT, where the beans are elevated in the roast chamber by a column of heated air providing enhanced flavor notes

2) CONDUCTION HEAT, where the beans have contact with the metal of the roast chamber providing body

3) RADIATIVE HEAT by bean on bean, where they gather at the bottom of the roast chamber, all providing for an even roast delivering clean, full bodied, dependable flavors.

The level of control an Air-Motion roaster allows is incomparable to other air roasters. The cutting-edge display offers up trackable data in the form of graphs and charts in real time also allowing one to run the Artisan software program at the same time, provides the roaster essential details that were previously harder to collect. 

While revolutionary technology typically comes with a hefty price tag, Air-Motion roasters are accessibly priced and can compete with the market. Choosing between a traditional roaster, a competing air roaster, and Air-Motion roasters isn’t a decision that has to be hindered by price. Pick up one of the newly released, hot-on-the-market Air-Motion Roasters without going over budget or sacrificing quality.

Features Designed for the Artisan and Built to Beat the Competition

Currently, all three Air-Motion roasters on the market have the following features expertly designed to address concerns in the industry:

  • OPEN-CHAMBER ROASTING (OCR) with Clear View allows you to see, smell, and hear the roasting beans throughout the roasting process: no tiny windows or opaque drums blocking your sightline. 

  • RECORDABLE PROFILES and real-time tracking of roast profiles in feedback and graphs including element and bean temperature, bean Rate-of-Rise, blower speed, element control, 1st Crack, development time, percentage of roast time, and the total time of the roast. 
    • 60% QUIETER thanks to the unique cyclone design with muffler, reducing noise and allowing you to roast with less impact.

    • CUTTING-EDGE DESIGN with a touchscreen interface control panel. 

    • IMMEDIATE HEAT RESPONSE is driven by an 18kw electrical element bank. 

    • DOUSING SYSTEM programmed to stop the roasting process when target temperatures are reached immediately (can be disabled, if desired).

    • THE CYCLONE MOTOR AND FAN removes dust, chaff, smoke, and hot air from the roast chamber, separates these components, and deposits the chaff into the chaff collector. The smoke and hot air are diluted with clean, fresh air and extracted, eliminating the need for an afterburner.
      • Ready to Purchase? You’ve Got Options!

        Ready to add an unbeatable clean air, open chamber roasting machine to your setup? With the rise in specialty coffee trending today and the emphasis not only on coffee profiles but enhanced flavor notes, which air roasting provides, it is now paving the way for the future of the coffee industry. Don’t miss out on the immersive and interactive experience as well as the unbeatable control that comes with an Air-Motion Roaster.    

        You couldn’t ask for a more supportive team to help you get started. When we partner with vendors, we become a sales distributor and educate ourselves to answer your questions. Together with the Air-Motion Roasters team, we will be able to answer any questions you might have to embark on your Air-Roasting future.

        CoffeeTec Can Help You Afford It

        And don’t forget about our incredible Roaster’s Choice Lending Program that lets the nation’s top lenders compete for your business with their best financing offers. We just made the prospect of owning an Air-Motion machine even more affordable!

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