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CoffeeTec Equipment Vendor Spotlight - Toper Roasters

CoffeeTec Equipment Vendor Spotlight - Toper Roasters

Toper Roasters Joins CoffeeTec Vendor Marketplace:
Get Ready to Roast With Efficiency With These Turnkey Coffee Roasters and Roasting Plants!

We’re thrilled to announce that Toper Roasters has joined the CoffeeTec Vendor Marketplace. 

Established in 1954, Toper Roasters is the one-stop-shop for specialty coffee equipment expanding Coffeetec’s vast catalog of excellent, reliable commercial roasters and accessories. Bring bold personality to your shop with unique equipment colors or dive headfirst into the ultimate roasting setup with ease. Toper Roasters’ machinery is something to behold, and they have units in a range of sizes, meaning there’s a roaster for every shop.

Toper Roasters brings 20 years of experience to the table, continuously improving quality. Relying heavily on research, Toper takes extra care to develop their equipment, innovate every step of the way, and satisfy customers for a lifetime.         

Shop Roasters, Industrial Roasters, and Turnkey Roasting Plants

We’re looking forward to hosting Toper Roasters’ diverse and dependable line of products, including: 

  • Shop Roasters
  • Industrial Roasters
  • Turnkey Roasting Plants

Read on for details about why we love Toper Roasters’ world-class equipment and how it can help you streamline your coffee roasting setup.

Shop Roasters

If you require a roaster with advanced technologies and high-capacity options, Toper shop roasters offer total control and efficiency. Roasters and baristas love the TKM-SX series in part due to the advanced touch panel option, which allows a predictable and consistent roast quality with minimal effort. Roast anywhere from 15 to 90 kgs/h with Toper shop roasters.

All of the Toper SX Series Shop Roasters include most every high-performing roaster feature that is available today. Additional key features include:

  • Full Electric models available in the 3k & 5k models
  • Simultaneous coffee roasting and cooling
  • High-performance cooling tray and fan system
  • Cooling tray/mixer safety system
  • Heat indicator and digital, touch screen control panel on swivel arm
  • Fire suppression systems & alarms
  • Custom paint & logos

Click through and experience the full feature line on these amazing Shop Roastery machines!

    Industrial Roasters

    When a shop roaster doesn’t cut it for your high-volume needs, Toper industrial roasters are the ideal option. Industrial roasters are high-tech, complete solutions that allow you to achieve shorter roasting times and more consistent flavor.  

    Roast anywhere from 120 to 2,000 kg/h with a Toper industrial roaster while industrial automation manages the feeding, roasting, and discharging process. The Toper system automatically fills the roasting drum with beans, roasts them, and expels them upon completion into a cooling tray. While the roast cools, the Toper industrial roaster loads up another batch into the roasting drum, and the process churns on.

    Unlimited roasting profiles can be input into the system. Wholesale coffee roasters depend on Toper industrial roasters to meet requirements that allow their business to flourish.

    All of Toper's SX Series Industrial Roasters include every SX Series Shop Roaster feature, plus:

    • Touch screen control with Toper Profile Program
    • Cropster/Artisan ready connection with USB
    • Full automation:
      • Pneumatic piston for green coffee hopper drop
      • Pneumatic piston for drum gate drop
    • Architectural plans

    Click through and experience the full feature line on these amazing Industrial machines!

    Turnkey Roasting Plants

    Whether you’re looking to construct a coffee roastery from the ground up or renovate existing space, Toper Roasters will guide you every step of the way. From conceptualization to assembly, to training to 24/7 support, Toper provides a knowledgeable path toward the facility of your dreams.

    Full automation and optimal design are several perks of a custom turnkey roasting plant. Each piece of Toper machinery harmoniously works together in an orchestrated dance of peak coffee roasting efficiency. From a green bean elevator, to a destoner, to a packing machine, Toper turnkey roasting plants are all-encompassing, eliminating gaps in the coffee roasting process. 

    Consultation is an essential first step toward purchasing a turnkey plant, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested. Get consistent, efficient, and flavorful roasts with Toper Roasters.

    Ready to Purchase? You’ve Got Options!

    Ready to add a shop roaster, industrial roaster, or turnkey roasting plant to your roasting line-up? Review the below collection of Toper Roasters products for details. 

    You couldn’t ask for a more supportive team to help you get started. When we partner with vendors, we become a sales distributor and educate ourselves to answer your questions. If we can’t answer a question, we’ll consult with Toper Roasters to get it answered.

    We Can Help You Afford It

    And don’t forget about our incredible Roaster’s Choice Lending Program that lets the nation’s top lenders compete for your business with their best financing offers. We just made the prospect of owning a Toper Roaster even more affordable!

    Join the CoffeeTec Community

    Of course, no matter what you purchase from CoffeeTec, whether it’s one of our 3,000+ products in our online store, or you invest in our consulting services, you automatically become a part of our CoffeeTec Community, where you’re kept in the loop on our specials, deals, informative blogs, and more. 

    Have questions? Feel free to explore our FAQs or contact us. Let’s help you build the coffee roastery of your dreams!

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