Portable Vacuum DeStoner - Featuring Piab Vac Management - please call to order U.S. 800-999-1600 ext. 7, Int. 650-556-1333, ext 7



Featuring Piab Vac Management

Destoner pricing varies a lot as it depends drastically on how it is being configured - from portable to in-line and depending on source of the air to move the coffee from one spot to another. Air-veying or Vacuum are both options and the batch size and time allotment all make a difference in getting the proper configuration and actual cost.Notice that there is an intake air adjustment that regulates the lift speed of the coffee beans - as we want to coffee beans to lift and leaving anything more heavy than that bean to be left in the bottom trap - this the word "de-stoner" . . . and there are magnets placed in the suction area to attract any objects of metal.Keep in mind that the transfer tubes can be either solid or flexible according to the design of your building and roaster size.We must design and price this according to your specific needs. Note: Piab unit not shown in drawings. Shown on separate listing: https://www.coffeetec.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=08-Piab-Vacuum-