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Probat Door-Hook Bolt




Have you ever lost that odd shaped bolt at the top of your service door on a Probat . . . ??? . . . well, fret no more! We make an improved version of that "Door-Hook Bolt" that can be supplied in 2 versions:

  1. Button Head - Default
  • New with "more secure" . . . that allows a more tight fit and not subject to vibration.(Stainless with Washer)
  • Acorn Nut
    • Traditional with attachment - careful to always use a washer so that the cap does not bottom out and thus vibrate loose. (Stainless with Washer)
    Makes no difference to us which way you want to use it. With the Probat original, the thread is fixed . . . but on our new model - the thread female and receives which ever version you want.