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It makes it much more user friendly. Also allows the ADR Profile to follow much more exacting in micro adjustments that can not be done with gas. 240 Volt in either 50hz or 60hz = 35 Amps. Price will be $3,995 *************************************

Here are the high-points to understand this method of sample roasting: Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR) software package will indeed transform your business (Won't need special dedicated employee just to roast) and give you the tools to control your specific flavor developed profile . . . like anybody can roast at any time. Remember, the machine not only follows your custom profile, is operating totally hands free and shuts off when finished. This leaves your helpers free to serve customers. ADR software package creates the ability to design multiple time-temperature roasting profiles using on-screen click and drag, and to specify degrees of roast on a laptop computer. Up to 6 different profiles can be downloaded wirelessly and stored on the Sonofresco Roaster Control by Bluetooth.

The desired roast profile and degree of roast are selected before pushing the start roast button. As the roast develops the actual roast temperature is traced on the computer screen against the selected profile. Includes the new control board and a stainless steel sensor. Includes ADR (Advanced Definition Roaster) Software that enables you to get the perfect roast. Profile sample air controllable roaster that allows you to roast anything from 100-120 gram sample up to 1 full pound of coffee. Net weights. Blue tooth compatible Profile controlled - built in programmable chip so that each milestone on the control profile can be moved up or down or to the right or the left. Even the speed of the ramp changes - its all able to be programmed into the chip by the actual operator. You can also run the roaster with your PC with the roaster running right next to it so you can see live responses in the profile curve and make permanent adjustments. You can make the program as custom as you want to make it. Anytime you want to watch whats going on, you turn on your computer and it will follow and track your roaster. When youve done all your work, you can download 6 pre-set programs into the physical programmer on the roaster. Once the program is complete, the program switches to cooling and you no longer have any options because cooling is not controllable. Includes all new control board method and a stainless steel sensor. Older units can be upgraded. Your sampling time is reduced! Just enter the desired profile color number, press start and the machine takes over and shuts off when finished - maybe 13 to 15 minutes later according to color choice. Hands free during the sampling time! Your coffees will always be within the same color spectrum each sample until profile setting is changed. It is a Sample Roaster that is an indicator of the traditional roaster using the same air flow process that is used in PROBAT and JOPER cast iron roasters. The beans swirl around horizontally or bounce (dance) a little - as they are not suspended up in the air like in a Sivetz style - as the entire purpose is to be as close to the traditional drum as possible. Specifications: Natural Gas or Propane 120 vac/60hz, 3 amp or 230 vac/50hz, 1.5 amp Electric: 240 Volt in either 50hz or 60hz = 35 Amps Height: 27.75 inches (705 mm) Width: 11 1/4 inches (286 mm) Depth: 19 inches (483 mm) Weight: 54 lbs (24.5 kg) Shipping Weight: 60 lbs (34 kg) Roast/cool cycle times: Between 13 and 18 minutes Input rating (natural gas): 27,000 BTU/hr Input rating (propane): 31,000 BTU/hr Voltage/Frequency (standard): 110 Volts/60Hz Voltage/Frequency (by request): 220 Volts/50Hz 3 Color Options: Black, Red Polyester Powder or Stainless Steel Black is the Standard Color Red Polyester Powder can be requested for no additional charge. Stainless Steel Color is $100.00 Extra Price: Natural Gas or Propane Gas: $3,345 Electric: $3,995 Note: Stainless Steel Color Option is $100 Extra Steps to Using the ADR Software with a Sonofresco Roaster: Download software from CD and select license. Use the ADR software to design your own custom profiles by click and drag the profile points. Store unlimited roast profiles on your computer. Wirelessly download up to 6 selected roast profiles to the 1-lb or 2-lb Sonofresco Coffee Roaster. (The Sonofresco Default Profile will always be stored on the Roaster.) Select roast profile and degree of roast setting on your Sonofresco Roaster control board prior to the start of each roast. Monitor the roast cycle on your computer. (See image above: the red line indicates the actual roast temperature and how closely the roaster followed your selected roast profile. The blue dot indicates the end of roast and start of cooling.) The profile and trace along with notes about the coffee and roasting conditions can be saved and printed for future reference. The software package contains the Sonofresco Default profile used on all Sonofresco Roasters along with 2 slower/lighter profiles designed for low and high density beans, and suitable for sample roasting. Roaster follows selected profile, cut-off temperature, and automatically shuts down on completion. Upgrade ADR kits are available for all pre-2014 model roasters. (The kit includes new control board, new stainless steel temperature sensor, Bluetooth board, and software CD and license). View of ADR's Computer Screen The Sonofresco Sample Roaster offers and provides the most clean, even roast. This allows the insides of the bean to come alive and produce the truest taste as possible so you can make the better decisions in your buying and blending of coffee beans. How? We have created the adjustment of air flow to imitate the average drum roasting method but without picking up flavor from the drum sidewalls. The science of the air flow prevents excess air from drying out the coffee (notice the shrinkage data above) and too little air from scorching the beans - as we all know what charcoal tastes like. Use the Sonofresco Sample Roaster for each sample roast of every bean product to know and to prove that the bean, and not the broker, is boss! Vent Hood options are available - otherwise just run your own vent pipe to the outside world - call us for discussion and details. Bank multiple units to increase production output. Don't have the 2014 Sonofresco Model?Don't fret - ADR upgrades are now available for all previous Sonofresco models. More information about upgrade, click here.Tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories to the following standards...Gas-Fired Food Service Equipment in accordance with: American National Standards Institute ANSI Z83.11b 2009 Canadian Gas Association CGA 1.8b 2009 NSF/ANSI 4 2009 Learn More with 7 Informational Sonofresco Videos: Cup Results on Sonofresco vs Drum Roaster - In 7 videos, the new Sonofresco Profile Lab Roaster is compared to tradition Drum Roasting. Point by point they were nearly the same and you too may be glued to the screen - rooting for one or the other. See what you can learn and contact me with your thoughts - as I want to be in the learning circle, too. Email: Click Here or the Image Below to View 7 Videos at: (#7 May give the best overview but all are good!)