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CoffeeTec Case Analysis

Real-Life Experience Case Analysis - New Roaster Installation

Definition of “Commissioning”

  1. Give an order for or authorize the production of something such as a building, piece of equipment, or work of art.   
  2. Bring something newly produced, such as a factory or machine into working condition.



You have a new roaster being delivered or at least it is new to you:

  • What are the accurate power requirements?
  • Does your facility accommodate, or does your city allow?
  • Do you have the required permits and possible ISO certification?
  • What are the gas requirements - volume, pressure, etc.?
  • Do you have the right afterburner for your location?
  • Are you ready to have your system commissioned?
  • What the heck is commissioning?

“We thought we had everything ready - power supply, gas supply, etc. Then Team CoffeeTec assessed the situation only to find out that our gas supply wasn’t correct. The city wasn’t giving us the gas needed as we discovered they didn’t understand the roaster specifications nor the regulators needed for our new equipment. We were about to have coffee technicians flying in from halfway around the world to commission our new roaster.

CoffeeTec arrived several days prior to the techs acquiring the correct regulators, battling with the city and getting all the gas and power supplies right so that the equipment could be finely tuned and ran flawlessly so it could be commissioned for the production we were going to put through our plant. We thought we were ready, but weren’t. CoffeeTec turned what could have been a disaster into a seamless experience.”

With over 100 years of diversified coffee industry experience and a network wide and deep - we are fully prepared to help you including expert engineers in electrical, plant design and layout, silo and conveyance, installations and much more.  We are part of YOUR team, here to help and support your company in achieving ultimate success!

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