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Why would I need a Silo and Conveyance System? 

Many of the very largest roasting plants have silo and conveyance systems (SACS) to improve operation efficiencies, meet production and blending demands while reducing labor costs and improving profitability. However, these aren't the only reasons to have a SACS at your roasting facility. 

CoffeeTec’s new versatile systems for small, medium and large roasters can add value and optimization to their business operations.

Let’s first understand what a SACS is and how it works. Simply put, it is an internal supply system that stores and moves green and roasted coffee to production points such as roasters, grinders and packaging systems. A typical SACS includes a green bean dump station where the green coffee is dumped from the coffee bag into a grated hopper. The coffee is then moved from the hopper by means of a motorized auger that pushes the coffee into a bucket elevator or leg. This takes the coffee up the required height and is dumped into a U-Trough and carried to the Silo for storage. Each silo is designed based upon the need of the individual roastery. 

Green Bean Dump Station

Green Bean Dump Station


Screw Auger Side Dump

Screw Auger Side Dump


U bracket conveyor

U-trough Screw Conveyance 


Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator


At the roaster, the roast master may call up a batch that is comprised of certain quantities of several different varietals and the silo drops exact pounds of each coffee and is moved back up through a bucket elevator down another U-Trough and over to the roaster to await roasting. Upon completion of the roasted batch, the coffee generally moves through a De-Stoner into another bucket elevator and is gently pushed along by air or special components to protect the roasted beans.

They are then carefully dumped into a roasted silo that has a built-in bean ladder to gently lower the beans into the silo to ensure little or no breakage of the roasted whole beans. Basically, the process repeats itself to move the coffee to the grinding station or packing station. It is important to note, that each SACS system is designed specifically to meet the needs and size of the individual roastery.

So as crazy as it sounds, lets talk safety first. At CoffeeTec, we've visited hundreds maybe more roasting facilities of every imaginable configuration. The one thing I see repeatedly is the proverbial “LADDER” leading to the top of the roaster bin. Many of your reading this are thinking, “it's typical... no big deal.” Until you or one of your employees falls off the ladder or injures themselves. Not only do you feel bad, but now you potentially have a workers comp claim, medical bills or worse yet, a lawsuit.

It's like my friends tell me that ride horses, it's not if you fall, it's only when you will fall. Caring about our fellow team members should be a very important consideration for any business.

quad 96" coffee Silo

Quad 96" Silo

 Let’s talk what can happen with a little success or growth, then add in relocation and real estate costs. So, you have this sweet little roasting facility and you’re locked in on a lease, pick the number of years? It worked fine when you first started, but business has been good, and your volume is growing. Green Coffee Bags are piling up and it would cost you a fortune to move your plant, let alone, losing the sweet lease you have. But you are crunched on space – what to do?

Contact CoffeeTec and let’s talk about your situation. We can develop a cost-effective system for you that can free up that badly needed space, stop your roast master from climbing ladders and improve the overall efficiency of your operation which means – more money in your pocket and safety for your team.

When you feel the space crunch, go out and research the real estate market (currently high prices) or let’s say you are generally concerned about the safety of your team, you’ll know its time to call CoffeeTec for help.
Our goal isn’t to sell you anything, it is to help you to be successful. We are here for you and don’t be scared by the acronym SACS! We have financing available and generally it pays for itself in 3 to 5 years or less.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.