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10 kilo: Pre Scolari called FIMT Restoration Project

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10 KILO: PRE SCOLARI CALLED FIMT RESTORATION PROJECT - Rare Cast Iron (almost 100 years old) roaster that was built in Torino Italy up until Scolari bought out the company and they are no longer in business. What makes this unit so rare and wonderful is that it is still working and totally original. Once a month of so, they remove the storage boxes piled on top and roast up a few batches for the extended family and friends. The old timer running it has ran this machine for all his life. This machine was probably from the late 20's or early 30's . . . so we are talking old. We are trying to get a more inclusive photo without the boxes piled on top . . . so be patient. Specifications: Allow about 4.5' (137cm) square space and about 5.5' (161-180cm) tall. This is an educated guess as I did not yet measure the actual machine. Both Motors are 220 volt and there might be a 3rd.  All other functions are belt driven off of one master motor There might be a separate fan for the cooler - that will be verified and advise later. Cooler is to the left of the front of the machine as the central drum has a door opening device same as Gothot or Barth. 3 rows of burners under the roaster - with each row being adjustable. Currently on Propane - but either gas will work as long as you have a regulator. We must build a crate for safe shipping as this is most rare and there are no parts anywhere to get your hands on.