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120 Kilo - Probat GO120 Roaster, Loader, Destoner - 1968 Model - Used

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120 kilo Probat GO120
Roaster, Loader, Destoner Package

Exceptional Deal Alert: 1968 Probat GO120 Roaster Package

Rebuild in 2019

You Don't See These Come Around Often...

In the realm of roasting perfection, opportunity knocks! Our recently refurbished Probat GO120 equipment set is up for grabs, and it's a steal at this price. Located in the Southeastern USA, this powerhouse runs on 220v 3-phase, fueled by natural gas.

During its recent makeover, a minor hiccup in the burner assembly was swiftly rectified by the manufacturer. Rest assured, the glitch has been fixed, but to ensure your peace of mind, a brand-new replacement is en route, courtesy of our warranty commitment.

Here's what makes this offer sizzle:

Ready for Immediate Action: This Probat GO120 is primed for disassembly, freight prep, and swift shipping to your roastery. We take care of the logistics, so you can focus on what matters – crafting exceptional roasts.

Unmatched Value: Rarely does an opportunity like this present itself. The combination of quality, history, and performance in this 1968 Probat GO120 is a gem that you won't want to miss. Snag it now before someone else does!

Solid Running Condition: Our recent refurbishment efforts ensure that this vintage Probat GO120 is not just a relic but a reliable workhorse. Check out the accompanying videos for an up-close look at its impressive performance.

Complete Roasting Package: This equipment set isn't just about the roaster. It includes a 120-kilo Probat GO120 roaster & cooler, complemented by a perfectly matched Probat loader and destoner. It's an all-in-one solution for your roasting needs.

Act fast – the current owner's change of plans is your golden opportunity. Upgrade your roasting game with a 1968 Probat GO120, and make this timeless piece a centerpiece in your roastery. Don't miss out on this extraordinary value!



265 lbs. A Batch will CHANGE YOUR GAME! 

CONTACT US IN DIRECT SALES @ 650-569-0011 to find out more.

All equipment sold as-is. Crating and Shipping not included in the listed price.


EQUIPMENT: 120 kilo Probat GO120, matched loader & destoner
LOCATION: Southeastern USA
YEAR BUILT: 1968, Completely refurbished by owner in 2021
LAST USED: June 2021
ORIGINAL MANUALS: Included, all digital
FUEL: Natural Gas
POWER:  220v - 3 phase
BATCH SIZE: Up to 120 kilos / 265 lbs. per batch; 

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Since 1868, PROBAT has stood for pioneering solutions in the processing of coffee. They have become the world market leader in machinery and systems for the coffee and food industry. They boast consistently high-quality coffee, best life-cycle costs and performance, and individual

Probat's vision expresses what we plan to achieve over the coming years: Everyone, who wants to learn about roasting and processing coffee, asks PROBAT first.