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15 Kg - Probat UG-15 - 1965 Model - Very Good Condition - Used

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15 Kg - Probat UG-15 - 1965 Model - Very Good Condition - Used

Diedrich DCO 24 Afterburner & Chaff Cyclone Included 


"Embrace the Legacy: Probat UG-15 Vintage Roaster"

Step into the realm of coffee roasting excellence with the Probat UG-15, a timeless masterpiece crafted by German engineering prowess in 1965. This vintage gem boasts a reputation for its enduring strength and reliability, a testament to its robust construction.

From 2009 to 2022, the Probat UG-15 proved its mettle, processing 15-kilo batches with ease. Initially serving diligently with 15 batches daily over a five-day week, it later transitioned seamlessly into an easy life of only 30-40 batches annually, showcasing its adaptability and efficiency.

Capable of churning out up to four batches every hour, this stalwart roaster exceeds expectations with its consistent performance. Powered by natural gas and 220v single-phase power, it operates flawlessly, devoid of any known issues.

Included in the package are essential companions for optimal roasting: a catalytic oxidizer, a reliable Diedrich Model DCO 24, a natural gas-fired burner, and a 24-inch chaff cyclone.

Now, the Probat UG-15 awaits its next custodian, ready to inscribe a new chapter in the annals of roastery history. Seize this rare opportunity to own a piece of coffee roasting heritage and step up your craft to new heights.


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All roasters are sold as-is. Crating and Shipping not included in the listed price. 


YEAR BUILT: Roaster 1965
LAST USED: Dec 2022
LAST SERVICE: Weekly Maintenance before Decomissioning 
BURNER FUEL: Natural Gas
POWER: 220 Single Phase 
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT: Roaster, Diedrich DCO 24 Afterburner, 24 in Chaff Cyclone
BATCH ROAST: 15 Kg - 4 batches per hour 



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