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30 Kilo - Used Cast Iron Officine Vittoria Roaster with Afterburner and Silos

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30 Kilo - Used OFFICINE VITTORIA Roaster/Afterburner and Silo System

This original Cast Iron 30 kilo Officine Vittoria (first built in 1970) is now refurbished and upgraded.  This is an entire package - roaster, collector, afterburner and silos for roasted coffee or even for green coffee, but normally for the roasted coffee storage as it acts as a destoner at the same time.  Perfect for a "show and tell" wholesale retail operation. The roaster is so beautiful and fun to watch that it would be a shame to hide it from public view. New replacement burners were recently installed by Riello and currently set for propane but can certainly be changed during re-installation.

This classic "cast" style roaster sits on its own pedestal in old-world charm.  The cooler also sits on its own pedestal.  This helps in the old world image.  The drum is perforated to allow for ultimate air circulation and is especially friendly to blending. This unit was in storage in the Southeast US for several years and then used for a short time by the original owner.  Plans changed and the owner decided to move back home to Italy.  The roaster is now ready to be palletized  and made ready for transport probably taking about 18' of a truck or container for easy shipping.

 There are still technicians from the old OV factory that work other places in the coffee industry in the Bologna area so you have constant help with mechanical or electrical issues if they ever arise.


  • Pneumatic green coffee loader and tubing -  vent piping included
  • Electrical - 220 3 phase needed or a phase converter if you only have single phase power
  • Propane Gas - Riello Package Burner
  • Inner connection pipes and tubes
  • Afterburner with a new Riello Burner
  • Allow 7' x 10' floor space with 7.5' tall for roaster
  • 4 collection silos for Roasted Whole Bean - including destoner loader
  • Allow 6' x'8' x 8" tall floor space for silos

Note:  There will be a few costs in getting this onto pallets, protected and ready to load onto Freight Trucking as plant this is now in storage with no "big truck" access. Figure about $1800 depending on how far and what method of trucking is used.