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5 kilo: STA Impianti Roaster

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STA IMPIANTI 5K ROASTER STA is a manufacturing group in Italy - that is made up of seasoned engineers from most of the big old Italian roasting machine makers - so their scope of knowledge and history is fantastic.

Basically - their claim to fame is hot air introduced into the top of the roasting chamber . . . being pulled through the turbulating coffee and exiting through drum perforations into the bottom. First, that makes it really friendly to blending formulas and second it makes for smaller chaff - as the turning coffee beats it up a little and thus the roast comes out more clean than the old days of some solid drums . . . so it is different - which does not make it better - but if you have a background on Jabez Burns . . then you will really love this production. Big naturally developed beans - very even roast.

Following is the manufacturers specs and we will be glad to discuss more in-depth as you have questions. Roasting machines line, particularly suitable for little production activities of high quality roasted coffee, such as shops, pastries or artisan laboratories. Small size, technologically advanced, confirm them elves as ideal tool for the production of selected coffees in little quantity.

Made with the same requirements for reliability and security features of the bigger and more sophisticated industrial roasting machines, are available with heating generator type gas burner (available also by electric resistances) and automatic control system with semiautomatic management.

  • Roaster capacity: 5 Kg. - Max. 7 Kg.
  • Cycle Roasting cycle: 9 minutes
  • Raw coffee processing per hour: 20 Kg.
  • Installed electric power: 0.9 Kw | Single phase 220 Volts 50 Hz
  • Thermal power (natural gas or LPG): 8000 Kcal/h
  • Main components:
    • Hopper of charge in stainless steel
    • Roasting drum
    • Heating generator of new generation, patented and complete of burner
    • Ramp valves for gas safety and electric device to check flames ratified and complete of alarm signal
    • Cooling tank in stainless steel
    • Safety prevention system on the cooling tank
    • Supporting frame for the over indicated components
    • Electric control board made according CE rules, integrated, complete of PLC + Touch Screen device for roasting machine control and management.
    • Independent fans for the roasting drum and the cooling tank
    • Cyclone for chaffs collecting
  • Details of components:
    • Hopper of charge in stainless steel with manual in-let of coffee with door unloading system.
    • Roasting drum: made by a fixed element with double walls insulated for thermal protection and support of the rotating cylinder moving the product. Such cylinder, completely made in compound steel to overcome the thermal changes, is developed with a perforated plate for the containment and special blenders on the right and left side placed on different levels to get a perfect blending of coffee. At the end of the roasting cycle, the product unloading is allowed by a wide door with manual opening/closing system.
    • Heating gas generator of new concept, patented, complete of burner, ramp valves for gas safety and electronic equipment for flame control ratified and complete of signaling alarm.
    • Cooling tank in stainless steel: wide surface perforated with two arms and crossed flows. Unloading mouth with hand drive.
    • Supporting frame: mono-block, plate press-bended, steel made, supporting the components previously described.
    • Safety protection for cooling tank.
    • Electric control board for machine management according CE rules integrated. Complete of PLC + Touch Screen for roasting machine control and management.
    • Possible recording of roasting parameters
    • Cyclone for chaffs collecting.
    • Independent motorization for roasting drum and cooling tank
    • Independent electric-fan for roasting drum and electric fan for cooling tank.
    • Optional: available on demand automatic unloading system at the end of roasting cycle or buzzer alarm (signaling the end of roasting cycle)