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5k Toper TKM Roaster - Good Condition - Used



Toper Original!
5k Fully Operational

Still in operation at this moment. Tight little package!

Here's a 1997 model TKM5 Toper 5 kilo roaster, ready to package up and ship to your roastery. No problems, no defects. Running as reliable and smooth as day one. Fueled by Natural Gas, powered by 220v single phase.  And like all Topers, includes an external cyclone.

The current owner purchased from original owner about 12 years ago. Run time has been about 15 hours a week. Prior owner reported about the same since new. And very well taken care of throughout.

Bonus: Since owning, this owner has upgraded the burners to 90,000 BTUs and updated the temperature controller to give maximum control. Also has installed 2 thermocouples to allow both bean and ambient drum temp readings through a digital readout. (See picts)

Complete servicing continually including bearings. Letting it go as it's time to retire. Out of the business. Toper North America available for service support and parts if needed.

Original manuals included. Located in Canada.

Great entry level machine and an affordable price!

CONTACT SALES DIRECT @ 650-569-0170 to discuss getting this to your roastery!

All roasters are sold as-is. Crating & Shipping not included in the listed price. 


EQUIPMENT: Toper 5 kilo TKM series coffee roaster
LAST USED: Still roasting, running well
LAST SERVICE: Regular schedule
BURNER FUEL: Natural Gas
MAX BTUs: 90,000 !!! (been upgraded including temp controller)
POWER: 220 Volt/Single Phase
BATCH ROAST: Green Coffee: 10+ lb. (5 kg) coffee per batch. Hourly capacity is approximately 20.0Kg/40.0+ lbs. running 4 batches p/hr.



For going on 2 years now, we are the proud USA distributor of new Topers. Check all about them on our website here.

Toper is about roasting coffee beans, with each one becoming a source of happiness. Toper has been combining unfailing creativity with wisdom arising from never ceasing, extensive research since 1954 to create the most beautiful, bold, coffee roaster line available to fit any application.

Toper's friendship with customers, who produce the most social beverage of the world, begins when they connect the first nut and bolt together and continues long after they roast and grind the last bean.

That’s why we stand by them as our friends, not just as a vendor.

Toper. Be Bold. Be Confident. Become part of the family.