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Astra Super Mega SM111




Super Auto, Double Grinder, using Fresh Milk all automatically

The ASTRA Super Mega I is a fully automatic coffee machine capable of producing 16 different drinks at the touch of a button. All drinks are made fresh once the user selects the desired drink. Any coffee drink that requires milk is made using FRESH milk, not condensed or powdered milk.

The Super Mega I is equipped with a self-enclosed refrigerator that fits a 1 gallon milk container. This unique feature allows the Super Mega I to produce all milk based drinks using FRESH milk. The machine maintains the milk at the constant temperature of 36F from the refrigerator to the frothing system using Astras innovative brewing system. The brewing mechanism of the Super Mega I is second to none. It is specifically designed to ensure that the milk remains at a constant temperature at all times. Once the user selects the desired milk based drink, the machine removes the appropriate quantity of milk from the fresh milk container and heats the milk to the proper temperature. Only when the drink is selected is the milk dispensed into the machine for heating. This allows the Super Mega I to dispense a fresh, perfectly regulated drink each and every time.

The Super Mega I is also equipped with a computer that provides the user with extensive software capabilities including: programmable dosing, product quality control, management reporting capabilities, self testing and self cleaning. The user may change any of the pre-set factory settings with the touch of a few buttons, allowing the user to self select the perfect drink.

The Super Mega I coffee machine is programmed to automatically sterilize its components after every drink and 15 minutes thereafter when not in use. All components of the Super Mega I comply with NSF standards and satisfy health regulations worldwide.

The Super Mega I is a trouble-free, fully automatic machine. The simplicity of the Super Mega I design eliminates product shut downs and future service calls. Astra also offers a two (2) year limited manufacturers warranty on most components including the computer, grinder and brewing mechanism (except wear-and-tear).

  • Cups: 120 cups /hour
  • Boiler: 4.2 liters nickel-plated
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Wattage: 2,400 W
  • Different Drinks: 16
  • Dims: 38" H X 22" W X 23" Deep
  • Weight: 150 lbs