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Complete Turn-Key 15k Joper Roastery Sale - Walk In & Start To Roast

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Sorry, this item is sold out. But we're here to help! We may have other equipment that isn't on the site yet, so let us know what you need and we'll help you find it.

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15k Joper Roaster Leading the Way


With Revenue Producing Accounts!

Here's a sweet offering for sure. A fully equipped, fully functioning "green" coffee roastery that is ready to immediately take over, powered by a 2020 model 15 kilo Joper roaster connected to a model 800 VortX Eco-Filter (originally purchased through CoffeeTec)!

This is a perfect opportunity for entry into the coffee roastery business or a smaller roastery that wants to expand their operation with incredible ease and "turn-key" efficiency.

This 1650-square foot roastery provides everything you need to enjoy this incredible, exploding profession of coffee roasting — starting with a perfectly running 2020 model 15 kilo JOPER roaster that puts out a serious volume of coffee (130 lbs. an hour @ 4 roasts p/hr). This workhorse is accompanied by an impressive collection of equipment - VortX Eco-Filter, Stack & Ducting, Mahlkonig Grinder, Sealing Machines, Scales, Slayer Espresso Machine, Ikawa Sample Roaster, and much, much more.

Here's the story:
Current owner started this coffee roastery 2 years ago to support her 2 local cafes. Location was intentional in that San Jose is a dense high-tech and corporate area with unlimited sales potential. Apple Sphere, Apple Campuses, Google, Amazon, Adobe, Verizon, Facebook are all right there. And they love specialty coffee! This aggressive owner has spent serious effort on marketing and relationship building to grow and sustain the business: 

  • Secured multiple large corporate accounts with current negotiations for more
  • Has contacts to get into the above mentioned companies
  • Created an on-location roastery class
  • Online business sales through an e-commerce website
  • 850 contact email list touched often
  • 5500 contacts on Facebook
  • 3700 followers on Instagram

...and is in negotiations to globally license the trademark for a substantial, on-going revenue stream.

She is selling the business due to major life change - now living in Europe and pursuing other business ventures.

Do the math -

  • The main pieces of roastery equipment alone valued over $70,000
  • Green inventory @ $18,000
  • Bag inventory @ $8,000
  • IP, Trademark, Website -
  • Office and Shop equipment -
  • Goodwill - 

A seasoned business opportunity in a location like this simply doesn't come around often. Purchase, walk in, roast, and enjoy a profitable business.

Let's dig in...


  • San Jose, California based
  • Permitted through San Jose City
  • Bay Area Air Quality Control Board permit
  • 1650 square feet facility
  • 2 years into a 5 year lease with an excellent landlord that wants long-term tenants - lease assumable
  • Great neighbors in the industrial park
  • Space and entire site fully ADA compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act)
  • Minimal competition
  • Major growth potential

Equipment - Roasting

  • 15k Joper roaster, 2020 model
  • Apple 4k computer with Cropster
  • VortX 800 Eco-filter
  • Stack & Ducting
  • Ikawa Pro Sample Roaster
  • FR-900 Bag Sealing Machine
  • U-Line H-87 Impulse Foot Sealer
  • Bag formers
  • U-line & Ava Scales - multiple for coffee and packaging
  • Mahlkonig EK43 Grinder
  • Green loading carts
  • Slayer Espresso machine

Equipment - Office & Other

  • Cupping table
  • Pallet jack
  • Storage racks, file cabinet, buckets
  • Ladders
  • Office computer system
  • Wi-fi Router
  • Label printers
  • Chairs & stools
  • Microwave oven, refrigerator
  • Water heater
  • Wet/dry vacuum
  • Fans, mops, hoses, fire equipment, etc.
  • Sinks
  • Workbench
  • Foldable coffee crates
  • And more...


  • Over 6000-7000 lbs. of green coffee - 14 Varietals - Mainly 2021 harvest
  • Over 10,000 bags - Sample, 1 lb., 2 lb., 5lb.
  • Company Swag


  • Paper Moon Trademark
  • Graphic art package
  • Web page with active shopping cart (on Shopify)


This is a complete roastery equipment asset sale qualified for 100% financing! Click the FINANCE IT button up top and fill out an application in less than 60 seconds!


THE ROASTER: 15k Joper Roaster / VortX 800 Combo

ROASTER: 2020 Joper Cast Iron
ECO-FILTER: VortX Model 800
CONDITION: Both in Excellent Condition
LAST USED: Currently in use
FUEL: Natural Gas
ELECTRIC: 220 volt, 3 phase
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT: Chaff Collector, Stack
MANUALS: Yes, for both roaster and VortX
ROASTING CAPACITY: Up 33 lbs. p/batch running 4 roasts an hour = 130+ lbs. p/hr.