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Double Impulse Sealer

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Double Impulse Sealers

Heavy-duty, single or double switchable, automatic or manual-on-demand...impulse heat sealer. Seals up to 20 mil gusseted or regular thermoplastic film. Selector switch controls your choice of a single heat seal or double heat seal. Separate programmable timers for heating, congealing, and recycling cycle - if you choose to run it automatically. Create perfect seals every time. Footswitch included for manual on-demand operation. Designed for heavy seal up to 20 mil.

Seal width 5 mm

Bench or Vertical Model Available

  • 41-inch vertical length Sealer Sales
  • Foot pedal electric operates automatically
  • 2 boxes for shipment about 100 lbs

Note: Conveyor are NOT included in the pricing.