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Espresso Auto and Semi-Auto for Lab or Home



ESPRESSO Machine for LAB or HOME

The most efficient and best-made espresso machine available! PERIOD!!! Why? All parts are Italian made with USA threads. Easiest machine to maintain. Custom configuration assembly options available!

Interchangeable Parts

These machines are designed with interchangeable parts for coffee distributors to supply own label and to color coordinate. Semi-Automatic needs to be manually controlled; automatic provides automatic shut off. Machines available in either automatic or semi-automatic. Astra one, two or three head espresso machine, and compact size.

Pictures not to scale - just best for viewing

ONE GROUP Available in Automatic & Semi-AutomaticProduction: 240 cups/hourBoiler: 7.0Voltage: 110 or 220 voltWattage: 2000Dims: 19.5" W x 19.5" D x 20" HNet Weight: 115 lbsShipping Weight:120 lbsPrice: Automatic: $3,700 & Semi-Automatic: $3,200*Conversion Kit available to make single group to two group.


Pictured in Main PhotoAvailable in Automatic & Semi-AutomaticProduction: 480 cups/hourBoiler: 12.5Voltage: 220volt only Wattage: 4,500Dims: 27.25" W x 19.5" D x 20" H Net Weight: 130 lbsShipping Weight: 135 lbsPrice: Automatic: $4,800 & Semi-Automatic: $4,200 THREE GROUP Available in Automatic & Semi-AutomaticProduction: 720 cups/hrBoiler: 18 liters Voltage: 220 volt only Wattage: 5,500Dims: 35.5" W x 19.5" D x 20" H Net Weight: 155 lbsShipping Weight: 160 lbsPrice: Automatic: $6,100 & Semi-Automatic: $5,100 COMPACT MODELAvailable as Automatic & Semi-Automatic (not pictured)This has same features as the two head. Designed for catering services, coffee carts or where limited space is available.Production: 360 cups/hrBoiler: 7 litersVoltage: 110 or 220 volts Dims: 19.25" W x 19.5" D x 20" HNet Weight: 125 lbsShipping Weight: 130 lbsPrice: Automatic: $4,200 & Semi-Automatic: $3,800 GOURMET POUROVER Available as Automatic & Semi-AutomaticProduction: 180 cups/hrBoiler: 4.2 liters nickel platedVoltage: 110Wattage: 2,000Dims: 20" W x 13" D x 17" HNet Weight: 80 lbsShipping Weight: 85 lbsPrice: Automatic: $3,100 & Semi-Automatic: $2,900LAB PROProduction: 120 cups/hrBoiler: 2.6 liters nickel-platedVoltage: 120Wattage: 1300Dims: 11" W x 18" D x 15" HNet Weight: 45 lbsShipping Weight: 50 lbsPrice: $1,400Note: Pictures not to scale - just best for viewingColors Available: Silvertone, Copperton, Black, Red, or Blue(Not available for Gourmet Pourover or Lab Pro)