Rotary K-Cup Sealer for Compostable K-Cups



Best to call, as there is a lot to grasp in using this machine. Amazing display of operational activity - this unit will best like a "display type" exposure as the machine is that attractive to watch operate. While this will product lots of K-cups in an hour - you still have to do the loading manually, but it automatically fills and advances with the touch of a button. This is ONLY designed for compostable cups and Lids . . . so the unit pricing of K-Cups needs to be compared ONLY to compostable. Also, these are quite custom built - so take that into consideration on order and delivery times.

Optional Accessories:

  • Second Acrylic Coffee Dispensing Cylinder Assembly (Recommended)
  • Hardwood Storage Container, custom designed to hold the Cylinder assemble (holds them stable as they tend to tip when not in machine)