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Joper Afterburner

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Joper is always concerned with the quality of their machines and how they affect the environment. This post-combustion machine is used to correct pollutant emissions released into the atmosphere - resulting in a high level of environmental protection.


Joper's afterburners are manufactured to comply with local emissions norms, consequently achieving a high level of environmental protection. Joper afterburners can be supplied for both shop and industrial roasters, that is, from 3kg to 480kg roasters. They are built-in Low Nox with modulating control.

Manual or Auto Temperature Control

The temperature can be controlled either manually or automatically. The operating temperature is 600⁰C/1250⁰F.

Afterburner Includes:

  • Type: BSD or RATIO AIR RA 0040
  • Medium velocity tube
  • Maximum input *: 100 kW (Medium Velocity Combustor)
  • Minimum input *: 8.8 kW
  • Main gas inlet pressure: 60 bar max
  • Gas type: Propane /LPG
  • Airflow pressure switch
  • Inlet pipe: NPT
  • Gas train valves: Dungs
  • Blocking safety shutoff valve and visual indication
  • High gas pressure switches
  • Ignition transformer
  • Flame detection with UV scanner
  • 1 Control panel:
    • Metallic enclosure 
  • VERIFLAME flame relay, with proof of closure; purge time; rectification amplifier for the flame rod.
  • High-temperature limit control.
  • Connection with roaster control.
  • Transformer.
  • Power on the switch.
  • Safety limits circuits.
  • Indicating lights with LEDs: Safeties OK; Burner in operation; excessive temperature; Flame failure; general burner failure; afterburner reset button.
  • Thermocouple style K.
*The maximum and minimum input depend on the model.