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Sample: STA Impianti Roaster Model Expo 1000

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 This sample roaster is particularly suitable for specialized superior quality small-batch coffee roasting. A technologically advanced ideal tool specialized in the production of high quality selected roasted coffees. This roaster is made with the same requirements for reliability and security features of the bigger and more sophisticated industrial roasters. It is available with electric resistance type heating generator and PLC control system or automatic.

Technical Data

Roaster capacity: 1000 g
Roasting cycle: 8 Minutes 20
Raw coffee processing per hour: 4 Kg 6
Installed electric power: 3,8 kW
Voltage: 230V/ 60 Hz
Weight: 198 lbs | Kg. 90



Patented heating system
Electric heating generator with electric resistance
Electric display to control the product temperature inside the roasting drum
Safety device to switch off the electric resistance
Drum rotation by a geared motor
Fan for the roasting drum
Fan for the cooling tank
Chaff separator with a removable tank
Movable tank stainless steel made
Available colors: Aluminium / Brass