Portable Destoner


Anybody can destone their coffee for ultimate protection!

This destoner separates stones and other objects that are denser than the beans using fluidization. The beans float across a bed of air that is not strong enough to lift objects that are denser than the beans. Adjusting the airflow can fine tune the separation and change the rate which the beans flow over the bed. In general less air will slow the rate of the beans and separate out smaller stones and other objects that are close to the density of the beans. The Destoner can be adjusted to remove green beans and quakers. As a general rule is better to run the destoner as slow as it will convey the beans or finish the roast in the time provided.  It removes stones and other dense particles; removes green beans and quakers for light and medium roast. Runs at rates up to 900 pounds per hour; stainless steel construction. Variable airflow control with dust collection system. Mounting alternatives for use

  • Standard hopper 15 lbs
  • Optional hopper 25 lbs 

Optional Accessory:

Connect a Vacuum Loader - A destoning bin can be installed up to 200 ft from a vacuum chamber. You can convey and de-stone up to 900 lbs/hr. The plastic hopper can be fitted to match any cooler with an outlet from 13-32 inches.


17.5" X 17.5" x 33.5" high with casters (See diagram below)

17" x 17" x 13" higher cut to fit or cut down to 9" without casters.

Pricing: Call CoffeeTec 650-556-1333 for more information and pricing. Videos More Information Simple fluid Bed Design Roasted beans pass over the fluid bed leaving stones, glass, metal and other dense objects behind. The unique design can run up to 900 pounds per hour. You will be amazed how easy it is to clean the Destoner! Hand Fill You can hand fill the Destoner mounted on a bench or on a stand. The large funnel makes it easy to fill without spilling the beans. Stands are available to raise the beens to any level. Do you want to load beans into a brute container, a portable bin, a blender or a grinder. We can custom make a stand to meet your needs. Stands are available with casters or forklift brackets. Funnel ExtensionThe funnel extension increases the funnel capacity to up to 20 pounds of roasted beans. Dust Collection System All DeStoners come with a de-dusting outlet. For normal operation it can be connected to a ShopVac for dust collection. We offer several different collection systems for commercial operations.