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“At CoffeeTec, we believe in the four E’s: Equip, Educate, Empower, Expand. We will set you up with the right equipment. We will educate and train you on all the latest roastery best practices. We will empower you by supporting you through every aspect of your start-up. And we will help you expand your business when the time and opportunity comes.” — Scott Plail, Founder and CEO

Just Getting Started? Expanding Your Business?

If you’re in the coffee roastery or coffee shop business, you know there are many factors in setting up your business beyond coffee sourcing and roasting, packaging, and sales. Whether you’re just getting started or expanding your business, there’s a great deal to educate yourself on in order to work efficiently in this industry.

Our consulting services are highly focused on education and training. When you partner with us, we’ll prepare you to know the answers to common roastery questions like:
  • What equipment will you invest in? What makes sense to buy new versus used?
  • What equipment brands are best for your business?
  • Are you ready to have your system commissioned? And what exactly IS commissioning, anyway?
  • What layout, design, and flow does your facility need to function best?
  • What are your gas requirements (volume, pressure, etc.)?
  • Do you have the right afterburner for your space and location?
  • What kind of specialized training do you and your staff need, and how do you obtain it?
  • What are the regulatory requirements in your local area?
  • What permitting and procedures do you need to put in place? What kind of certifications and insurance do you need?

Boot Coffee Campus/

CoffeeTec is associated with Willem Boot’s Coffee Campus/ Willem has created a mini-course specifically for our CoffeeTec Community. This short video introduces the basics of coffee growing, processing, evaluation and roasting. Sign up for free HERE.

So, How Can We Help You?

We’d love to connect to see how we can help grow your coffee roasting business. Start the conversation by letting us know more about you, your roastery, and your goals and roadblocks. What’s on your equipment wish list? Do you need to sell equipment?

Whatever your needs are, we invite you to check out our consulting services and rates, and then CLICK HERE to contact us today to discuss how we can help you improve your coffee roastery achievements.