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Ready To Purchase A Roaster But Need Help?

Join others just like you in our CoffeeTec Community who have taken advantage of our private, competitive lending program putting the nation's top lenders to work for you.

We also provide a dedicated loan agent to guide you through the process — and our application terms are friendly and flexible. Simply put, our team of lenders rock, and we’ve seen them come up with creative financing solutions to make our customers’ roasting dreams come true time and time again.

"... the roaster financed in 12 hours and funded in 24 hours - making this one of the quickest sales in CoffeeTec history..."
Read about our fastest financing deal - 12 hours!

Top 5 Reasons To Finance Your Coffee Roaster

Financing is Smart

According to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, "more than 80% of all U.S. companies utilize some sort of equipment financing." Not only does financing allow business owners to preserve capital and manage cash flow, but it also offers affordable monthly payments and a 100% tax-deductible status through the IRS's Section 179.

Financing With CoffeeTec Is Even Smarter

With our Roaster's Choice Lending Program, instead of working with one lender and wondering if you're getting a good rate, we leverage competition among our network of the nation's top lenders to ensure you're getting the best financing value available.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not sell your information to any outside soliciting agency. You also have access to a dedicated loan agent to guide you through the financing process.

Click here to read a full blog post about why a coffee roaster can be more affordable than you think — plus 5 reasons to finance.

When Lenders Compete, Your Business Benefits


Try It!

Go to any equipment product page on our site that is $2,000 or more. You'll see the instant, real-time monthly financing amount and next steps for an application process that takes less than 60 seconds. 

So, now that financing is taken care of, what else is there but to start shopping?