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Scott Plail, President + CEO
Sandpoint, ID

Scott brings more than 30 years of consumer goods development and brand management corporate and entrepreneurial experience to his role as President and CEO. As a results-driven corporate leader, he’s worked with Fortune 500 companies to identify industry trends, product development, and marketing for brands at Colgate Palmolive, Schering-Plough, Revlon, Inc., Brown & Williamson, and Unicept (Black Mountain Gold Coffee). 

Scott is at the helm of our management and business operations, implementing new global initiatives, positioning CoffeeTec as a global resource for the coffee industry, and introducing new technology. 

Away from the office, you’ll find Scott enjoying water sports, racing cars, golf, and scuba diving. He’s also a trained chef, so food and drink are a big part of his relaxation, and he loves to share that with family and friends.

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Rick Davis, Director of Sales & Sourcing
Austin, TX

Rick is our creative force! He keeps a full schedule managing all of our digital communications, marketing, outreach, database relationships and heads up our Sales & Vendor Affiliation Marketplace. He also works closely with Scott to support expansion, acquisition, and new technology efforts. Rick has a passion for people and communicating with them through innovative and interactive media. He also loves building tighter relationships with our customers and industry colleagues so that we can better support their coffee roastery needs.

Rick’s zest for life is evident in how he spends his free time — enjoying quality time with loved ones, indoor cycling (do NOT get in his way on this one!), personal development, and immersing himself in Austin’s rich music and foodie culture. He also enjoys motorcycling in the western hill country of Austin on his Vulcan touring bike, skydiving and water sports around the world, and taking his beautiful Grand Design RV to new, adventurous places.

Nick Holman, VP of Engineering
San Francisco, CA

Nick has been involved with CoffeeTec since 2005 and we count on his expertise with commercial evaluations of used equipment and technical project oversight. Nick is always happy to roll up his sleeves to keep a customer facility up and running, and is a critical part of our sales, marketing, and customer service groups’ technical operations. Nick is excited to help move CoffeeTec forward by better utilizing website technologies and digital and social marketing, providing excellent customer service, and working on new projects that will revolutionize the coffee industry.

Nick loves international travel and experiencing different cuisines and cultures — perfect for sampling different teas, coffees, beer, and wine. He also enjoys the simple pleasures: reading, cycling, and cooking (and he’s a recent keto convert!).


Karel Miller, Customer Care Manager
Sandpoint, ID

Karel has kept everything running smoothly in our Sandpoint, ID office since she joined us in July of 2018. From customer service, to processing orders, listing equipment, and more, she’s our “Jane of all trades.” Before joining us, she was in restaurant management, so she certainly knows how to keep many plates spinning at once — a handy skill to have for keeping the CoffeeTec team in line!

Her hands-on knowledge for Coffee Roastery Equipment is extensive as she spends countless hours on calls fulfilling our customer's needs.

Karel’s passion is her family. She has three adorable grandchildren, likes to indulge in “retail therapy,” and loves working on home projects.

Darko Dermnovic, Director European Operations
Vienna, Austria

Darko heads up our European Operations. He started working in the Export/Import business way back in 1982 with many different types of food products. Today he has solid relationships with the likes of Coca Cola Co. Anheuser Busch, Grupo Modelo, Brown Forman & Proctor and Gamble, to name only a few.

Darko has been in the coffee business since 1989, mainly in the sale of green coffee beans in Brasil, India and Europe. Today he specializes in used Coffee Roastery Equipment including roasters, grinders and packing machines.

He lives in Vienna Austria with his family.

Sam Morris, SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing
Spokane, Washington

Sam is an experienced entrepreneur and veteran of business management. His true passion for data analysis based systems and marketing solutions are a driving force in getting the most impact out any online marketing effort. With a long history of developing innovative technologies in multiple fields, Sam brings his experience and expertise to helping grow Sam is experienced and up to date on the latest in trends and technologies in digital marketing and search engine optimization.

Outside the office, Sam practices art, music, outdoor activities and his dynamic range of skills provide a unique perspective to CoffeeTec’s marketing front. Sam holds advanced certifications from Google in AdWords and Analytics, as well as Facebook marketing platform.


Kristi Runge, Director of Digital Content
Bellingham, WA

Kristi brings 25+ years experience in writing, editing, publishing, and marketing/PR to her role as Director of Digital Content. She works closely with Scott and Rick to tell CoffeeTec's story through creating and managing its branding, social, website, and PR strategies and campaigns. As a certified leadership and mindset coach, she brings a sense of curiosity and connection to her work and the teams she collaborates with.

Outside the office, Kristi loves spending time with her husband and teenage son, composing and teaching piano, cooking, healthy living, traveling, knitting, and attending as many Broadway shows as she can.


Kimberly Navarro, Director of Project Management
Boise, ID

Affectionately known as the "Task Master," Kimberly helps optimize our team and resources to increase productivity, maintain a strong administrative infrastructure, and improve the CoffeeTec experience for our customers and vendors. With her 30+ year career in the manufacturing and service industries, she brings cross-functional expertise in project management, logistics and operations, CRM platforms, and more. When she's not busy cracking the whip at CoffeeTec, Kimberly enjoys traveling with her husband, trying new restaurants and recipes, camping, and fly-fishing. 


CT Bean, Chief Spokesbean
Central America

CT is passionate about all things coffee and CoffeeTec. On any given day, you'll find him leading brainstorm sessions with team members to create just the right marketing messages for our customers. He's also the wordsmith wizard behind most of our blogs, FAQs, coffee tips and trivia, and social media posts. Given his Arabica heritage, CT comes from a long line of coffee educators, and we're lucky to have him share his coffee expertise with our team. 

 CT's a bit of a "bean of all trades," a rambling man who's a self-proclaimed origin trip junkie. When he's not spreading the CoffeeTec message, he spends his time as the drummer for his long-time cover band, "The Rolling Destones" (they just released their latest single, "Afterburn"), participating in international fly-fishing tournaments, and mastering the perfect pour-over. He also cooks up a mean gumbo, hands-down the most requested dish at our staff potlucks!

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