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CT CONNECT  -  Buy • Sell • Consult • Educate

CT CONNECT - Buy • Sell • Consult • Educate

At a Coffee Business Crossroad?

Find Deals and Direction with CoffeeTec’s CT Connect Program!

The time comes in every commercial coffee roaster’s journey when you realize you may need to upgrade your roaster. It can be a good business move to help grow your business and meet production demand, but it’s also exciting because who doesn’t love a new toy? 

If you find yourself at this familiar coffee business crossroad, then you’re likely facing one of three scenarios: Upgrade to a bigger roaster, add an additional roaster to the mix, or downsize and sell your roaster.

What’s On Your Wishlist?

Whatever scenario you’re in, such a transition requires a lot of thought. Most sellers we work with are almost always looking to upgrade, so on top of managing the sale of your roaster, you need to think through what you require in a new roaster. We also encourage a good dose of dreaming.

What’s on your wishlist?

  • How much coffee do you plan to sell to meet growth objectives over the next 5-10 years?
  • What’s your budget, and what’s the best you can afford to buy?
  • Would the variables and measuring points you usually use be available on your new roaster?
  • If you’re looking for a gas roaster, what kind of gas do you use?
  • What are your local emission laws, and will you need an afterburner? 
  • Will upsizing your coffee roasting machine downsize your coffee quality? 

The list goes on, and your time carefully considering these questions is time well spent. In addition to our consulting services to help you answer these questions, there are great resources out there to help your decision-making. Our friend and well-known coffee consultant Willem Boot has two great articles on the subject — Upsizing Your Coffee Roasting Machine, and Buying A Coffee Roaster. (You can also sign up for a free Boot Camp video coffee course led by Willem for our CoffeeTec community here.)

We’re A One-Stop-Shop

But what about the time you invest in managing the sale of your equipment, or vetting used equipment to buy? Well, we think there are better ways to direct your energy and time — and this is why we’ve created our CT Connect program. 

For almost 50 years, we’ve been a one-stop-shop, offering new coffee roasting equipment, brokering used equipment transactions in our CoffeeTec community, and providing consulting and educational support before and beyond the sale. We offer full service for your coffee roastery’s full life cycle.

CT Connect ‘connects the dots’ to house our four pillars — Buying, Selling, Consulting, and Education — under one roof where we connect you to deals, your coffee community, and to new coffee-roasting frontiers.

The Top 8 Benefits of CT Connect

There are a number of good reasons to choose CoffeeTec and CT Connect. For example, let’s walk through what the experience can look like if you’re selling your coffee equipment without our help. 

You can spend hours conducting research to determine the best selling price. Then list your item online. Then, of course, you'll want to post it on social media, spend some ad dollars there, and cross your fingers your equipment will be seen. Then, once — and IF — your item sells, you can haggle with your buyer a final price with the buyer and engage in the time-consuming process of handling shipping, crating, and delivery.

OR we could handle it all for you.

Save your valuable time and energy. Let us take the reins so that you can do what matters to you most — running your roastery. Here are our top 8 benefits of what you can expect when you partner with CoffeeTec to sell your equipment. We:

  1. Research the market to ensure the best selling price for you
  2. Offer your item priority listing on our SEO-enabled website with highly clickable terms specific to selling coffee equipment
  3. Position your items to be seen by thousands who search our website daily, with traffic of 10K+ unique visitors per month 
  4. Promote your item through our website’s home page, robust pay-per-click advertising, social media channels, and targeted email outreach to 15K+ opted-in industry contacts
  5. Connect with our extensive roastery network whom we think may be interested in your equipment to potentially expedite a sale
  6. Interface on your behalf with potential buyers and handles all terms of the sale
  7. Handle the time-consuming process of equipment crating and shipping logistics
  8. Manage all payment matters and negotiates the best price on your behalf

The choice seems pretty clear, doesn’t it?

Before And Beyond The Sale

And by the way, with our deep industry expertise, experience, and connections, we can help you with that first list of questions, too — whether you’re buying or selling.

And, purchasing new equipment may beg more questions, like how to:


  • Optimize your space
  • Handle logistics and supply chain management
  • Design plant layout
  • Manage silo and conveyance
  • Optimize production
  • Deal with equipment maintenance and repair
  • Finance your equipment

We’re here for that too.

Take A Virtual Tour

We invite you to take a spin around the new CT Connect section here at

Let’s Connect

So, which stage are you at in your coffee roasting journey? Just starting out? Looking to sell or buy equipment? Need some consulting advice or educational direction to grow your operations? We’d love to get to know you and your roastery needs better.

Let’s connect through CT Connect!

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