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Whether you’re just starting out in a new roastery or you need to expand, your gut reaction may be to want to buy new roastery equipment. After all, we all know that few things are shinier and sexier than a brand new coffee roaster! But there are a number of good reasons to buy used equipment, especially if you’re working with CoffeeTec. Let’s explore some of those reasons. Here are the Top 5 Reasons To Buy Used Coffee  Roasting Equipment Through CoffeeTec:

1. It’s Cost-Effective

Everyone wants to save money without sacrificing quality. We heavily vet all used equipment we sell using a 3-point process that includes a thorough review, market research, and then preparing a resale quote to the seller. We only accept used equipment that meet our high standards. If we feel good enough to represent this used equipment and put our CoffeeTec stamp of approval on it, you can be guaranteed that this equipment will provide the reliability you’re seeking at a much more affordable price point.

2. It’s Sustainable and Supports Community

You probably don’t think much about it, but where does all that coffee roasting equipment go when it dies? Yes, coffee roasters and other related equipment are fairly bulletproof and seemingly last forever, but eventually they reach the end of their life span. This means some can end up in landfills.

If that’s not an eco-eye opener for buying used, also consider that producing new coffee equipment can involve processes that can have potentially detrimental effects on the environment. As coffee equipment resellers, we’re proud to do our part to extend the life cycle of coffee roasting equipment and help pass it along to someone in the coffee roasting community who can get some good continued mileage out of it.

3. It Gives You Access To Top Brands

With almost 50 years in the industry as the largest reseller of coffee roasting equipment, we consider ourselves vetting experts. We make it our sole priority to ensure you have access to top-tier equipment at the best possible prices — like Probat, Joper, Diedrich, Giesen, Buhler, and more. We want to remove as many barriers to entry as possible into the wide and wonderful world of coffee roasting!

4. It’s A Package Deal

When you buy used (or new) equipment through us, the relationship doesn’t end once you lay down the cash. We offer a full range of consulting, educational, and logistics management services to make sure you get the most out of your equipment purchase.

When you contact us about purchasing used (or new) equipment, we’ll work with you to understand your current business goals and objectives, what type of facility you have, credit available, desired production volume, and more to get you the best deal.

5. It’s Faster

Because we’ve already sourced the used equipment, getting it to your roastery and up and running is much quicker than purchasing a new piece of equipment. From order, to delivery, to installation, typical turnaround on used machinery can average just a few weeks versus months for fulfilling a new order. Think of the money you could be saving, and making, by having your much-needed roasting equipment in operation that much sooner!