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50-Kilo Probat Probatone Equipment Set

Includes Roaster, Cooler, Cyclone, Loader, Destoner, & Stack — FULLY AUTOMATED!


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Limited Supply - No Waiting 6-9 Months! LCD Touch Panel Automation & Data Port Output!

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ROASTERY STORY: Night Shift Brewing

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30-Kilo Petroncini PT-30, Loader & Destoner

PRICE REDUCTION: Includes Green Bean Loader, Chaff Collector & Destoner. Refurbished by Petroncini in 2012.

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"I listed my equipment with CoffeeTec because I didn't want the hassle of putting it up online, downtime dealing with buyers, getting it ready to ship, and all the other issues of making sure it was delivered. They handle it all with ease, and fast. The peace of mind is invaluable! And, I just keep on roasting…" — Chris M.

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CoffeeTec is the #1 Choice in Coffee Roastery Equipment Selling, Buying and Consulting.

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"These guys are really something... Customer communications were amazing - they are constantly on top of it. The listing process was so easy and looked awesome. And, they had a buyer right away. Crating and Shipping was a breeze. Best news though, they got me full price for my Probat L12 & Destoner. Can't thank them enough." — John G.

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"I had to replace my 5k roaster that we used mainly for sampling with a SR due to changes in our facility. CoffeeTec located the exact Probat BSR2 I needed, and sold my 5k Ambex for top dollar. They also helped me with a new destoner at a great price. So easy. I'd recommend them to anyone needing or selling a coffee roaster. Thanks guys!" Jack P.

CoffeeTec's Coffee Blog

  • Stop Deferring Your Dream: 3 Ways CoffeeTec Can Make Magic For You Now

    Stop Deferring Your Dream: 3 Ways CoffeeTec Can Make Magic For You Now

    In this post-pandemic world, some coffee business owners are still buying roasters and taking on new leases to expand their operations. Others need encouragement to go for it. If you’re in the latter group, notice how that first group is making serious waves while you’re waiting to feel ready. What’s keeping you from riding the wave? We’ll look at 3 reasons to be optimistic about the future — plus 3 ways CoffeeTec can help give you the jumpstart you need.
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  • Bold and Strong: CoffeeTec Celebrates Women in Coffee

    Bold and Strong: CoffeeTec Celebrates Women in Coffee

    We’ve partnered with at least 15 amazing women coffee roasters this past year to help them buy and sell coffee equipment, and we’re happily watching that number grow. Like the arrival of spring itself, it’s refreshing to see more women roasters rise up and become visible in a coffee roasting scene traditionally dominated by men. March is National Women’s History Month, so it’s a great time to add to the larger conversation of recognizing women’s roles in every segment of the coffee supply chain. Our latest blog looks at how female coffee leaders are gaining ground, highlights some of our female clients and leaders to watch, and provides a directory of women-owned coffee businesses to support.

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Vendor Spotlights

  • PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Dry Bean Storage Bins

    PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Dry Bean Storage Bins

    A successful roastery is made up of the sum of its parts, all working together to deliver a great product to your customers. This includes coffee bean storage — an often forgotten but unsung hero of good coffee roastery practices. It plays a role in your roastery’s sanitation and compliance efforts, can improve efficiency and workflow, and impact your profitability. CoffeeTec is always on the lookout for quality products that will support every aspect of your coffee roastery’s success,so we’re excited to add this product line of dry goods storage bins to our product catalog.

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  • CoffeeTec Vendor Spotlight: Lighttells

    CoffeeTec Vendor Spotlight: Lighttells

    When we added Lighttells to CoffeeTec’s Vendor Marketplace, we wrote an in-depth, feature-length article about how Lightells’ products—namely, their Color Analyzer and Moisture and Density Meter—are indispensable tools in the roast master’s arsenal for managing and refining roasting profiles. Now we’d like to offer a quick refresher about why we love Lighttells and why, at a relatively low cost, their products offer a lot of bang for the buck. 
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  • CoffeeTec Equipment Vendor Spotlight - AFPAK K-Cup Machines

    CoffeeTec Equipment Vendor Spotlight - AFPAK K-Cup Machines

    AFPAK Joins CoffeeTec Vendor Marketplace: K-Cup and Capsule Packaging with State-of-the-Art Automated Filling and Sealing Technology We’ve got exciting news! AFPAK has joined the CoffeeTec Vendor Marketplace. CoffeeTec is now the exclusive U.S. retailer of AFPAK equipment, and we can’t wait...

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"We needed to upgrade from a 3 lb. roaster that was working almost 10 hrs a day, 7 days a week, to a larger unit. CoffeeTec worked closely with us on the purchase of a Diedrich IR-12 which we financed through them. They also helped us with our new VortX Clean Air afterburner solution. The whole process was so easy. Can't thank them enough. Radically changed our business." — Stephan S.

Roastery Stories

  • Roastery Story: Night Shift Brewing

    Roastery Story: Night Shift Brewing

    Night Shift Brewing had a potential private buyer for its Probat P12/2 — and they needed to sell it before their lease was up in 18 days. When we told them we could sell the Probat for more money — PLUS take care of all logistics, crating, and freighting — they gave us the listing. We listed the Probat P12/2 and sold it within a week. The sale transacted four days later through our private financing program. Our seller went on doing what they do best — and with more money in their pocket than they would have gotten by handling the sale themselves. And, we can do the same for you.
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  • Roastery Story: Temecula Coffee Roasters

    Roastery Story: Temecula Coffee Roasters

    When our returning client Bryan Rauch of Temecula Coffee Roasters called our Director of Sales and Sourcing Rick Davis on a Thursday morning in March to find a new roaster, little did we know we were about to transact one of the quickest sales in CoffeeTec’s history. And, that includes getting the new roaster approved and funded in less than 24 hours, thanks to our fast and flexible private lending program! Read our latest Roaster Story — including how we can do the same for you.
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  • Roastery Story: Rubicon Coffee Roasters, Bridgeport Coffee, and Blooming Hearts Coffee

    Roastery Story: Rubicon Coffee Roasters, Bridgeport Coffee, and Blooming Hearts Coffee

    This month, we’re sharing a doozy of a story that involves three roasteries run by three very different people, in different parts of the country, and in different stages of their coffee roasting journey. You might read this story and think that based on how smoothly (and quickly!) the events unfolded, everything was just meant to be. However, this is really a story about how we’re constantly working behind the scenes to source the best used equipment within CoffeeTec’s coffee roasting community—just for you.
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