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CoffeeTec's Vendor Marketplace

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So, you have some interest! Cool Beans! We're excited to connect and answer any questions you may have, and receive your application.

Simply fill out the form below and submit. We'll respond as soon as possible with a follow up call to go over all the details. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

This marketplace connects our customers to manufacturers of innovative, high-quality, affordable coffee roasting equipment and products. It broadens our offerings and better positions our customers’ coffee roasting businesses to succeed. When you join this marketplace, you help provide our customers with better selection, great prices, and a stellar customer experience.

When you join, you put your products in front of thousands of customers who search every day. You participate in one of the largest retail destinations in the coffee roasting industry. Our 10K+ customers visit each month to shop for new and used coffee equipment. And, our 15K+ opted-in email contacts enjoy the helpful information and products we share in our monthly eNewsletter and targeted email campaigns. 

Vendors sell with us for one reason: to expand their reach through our multiple channels to a broad and diverse global customer base who come to to shop. That’s the CoffeeTec Edge! 

By partnering with CoffeeTec, you get the benefits of our marketing muscle to propel awareness of your brand and product sales. We use a multi-channel sales and marketing approach to reach our customers:

  • Social media marketing
  • SEO-rich website
  • Custom content
  • In- and outbound marketing
  • Digital ads
  • Front-line sales support
  • ...and more

    There is no initial fee required to join. As a non-exclusive reseller of your products, CoffeeTec earns a reseller fee. The terms of this agreement will be discussed, mutually agreed on, drawn up, and executed between CoffeeTec and your company.

    Joining the CoffeeTec Vendor Marketplace is easy. Simply fill out and submit our application form and we’ll be in quick contact with you to discuss details and determine if a partnership would be mutually beneficial. In the meantime, you can learn more about this program by reading the FAQs in this section, and related blog post.

    With each sale of your product(s) on CoffeeTec’s website, we will provide you with a purchase order for you to drop-ship your product directly to the customer. We will not physically hold any of your inventory, and all shipping and crating are your responsibility.


    Beyond product listings in our online shop, CoffeeTec can boost your product offering — and your brand — using our proven digital marketing techniques. In the industry, we call it “pulling” and “pushing.” The difference: A “push” campaign includes digital Internet ads, email campaigns, digital directories, and more. This lets us reach targeted contacts of like interest and offer your product, versus waiting for them to come to us via search engines and website linking (“pull”).

    When you become part of the CoffeeTec Vendor Marketplace, you automatically receive everything included in our BASIC promotional package:


    • Product listing page on our SEO-enabled website with your product photos and/or videos, and detailed description using highly clickable terms specific to selling coffee equipment
    • Vendor Spotlight page highlighting your company and product with internal links to your product listing page. See our Vendor Spotlight on Coffee Crafters here.


    • Email outreach to our 15K+ opted-in email contacts announcing partnership
    • Inclusion in our monthly “Buzz & Brew” eNewsletter


    • Social media post on all CoffeeTec channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, Pinterest) announcing partnership
    • One targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad within first month of partnership 

    For an additional cost, you can also opt in to our BOOST promotional package:


    • Blog feature (either an Industry Innovators or Roastery Stories article) PLUS promotion of this blog via one social media post on all CoffeeTec channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, Pinterest)
    • Small display ad to run on home page for one month


    • Targeted email campaign sent to a highly segmented mailing list based on your product category


    • Two “Product of the Week” social media posts spread over a two-month period (one per month)
    • Retargeted marketing campaign including two PPC display ads targeting customers who viewed your product page

    Additionally, we will work with you to offer occasional incentives to help boost product sales.

    CoffeeTec serves as your front-line sales team, promoting your product by generating leads through our promotional efforts (see prior question), answering customer questions (consulting with you, as needed), and nurturing those leads with attentive customer service. When a sales transaction occurs, we’ll send a purchase order for you to fulfill.

    Vendors are responsible for offering a performance guarantee and product warranty for each product sale.

    Absolutely! We love working with vendors from around the globe. Please fill out our application form and we’d love to connect with you.

    Excellent question! You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Why? Because when we partner with innovative vendors to offer high-quality, affordable coffee roasting equipment and products, YOU are the beneficiary. The result? You get a better selection of inventory, great prices, and stellar customer experience. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us!