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The industry hoops and hurdles can seem overwhelming if you don’t have the right team behind you. At CoffeeTec, we offer a broad range of educational and consulting services to help you manage the full lifecycle of your coffee-related business. Known as the “Amazon™” of the coffee industry, we’re devoted to supporting our clients through every single aspect of their coffee roasting journey. This keeps you focused on doing what you do best: growing your business.

Our professional team has almost 75 years of combined experience, and we’ve built a valuable network of expert relationships. When you partner with us, we’ll help you achieve the success you deserve.

We’ve Helped People Just Like You

  • We relocated a coffee roastery from London to El Salvador, resulting in both clients reporting complete satisfaction with the entire experience from beginning to end.
  • We orchestrated a new roaster shipment and install in Kenya, handling all African ISO requirements.
  • We advocated for a New Jersey roastery, working with local officials to ensure the roastery could open business with the correct gas and power supplies, with all necessary regulatory and permitting requirements in place.


Start-Up Services

  • Equipment financing for easy entry
  • Coffee roastery equipment selection, installation, and maintenance
  • Roastery plant design and layout
  • Regulatory requirements, permitting, procedures, and insurance
  • Equipment certifications and commissioning
  • Comprehensive, customize training, including all aspects of business operations, from basic problem-solving and setting up policies and procedures, to coffee blending and buying evaluation

Expansion Services

  • Next-level roastery equipment purchase and acquisitions  
  • Used roastery equipment selling
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Roastery plant design, layout, and relocation
  • Production and space optimization
  • Silo and conveyance equipment
  • Equipment maintenance and repair

Equipment Searches and Evaluation

  • Equipment Searches: We partner with you to analyze needed layout, design and flow for your facility, help identify the best equipment brands (new and used), and provide a full assessment now how the various elements will work together.
  • Equipment Evaluation: We complete all of your insurance, financing, and equipment resale needs. Our experience as dealers in new and used equipment -- as well as our expertise in rebuilding coffee roasters, grinders -- means that our evaluations are as precise as possible. We offer this service for antiques too!

Standard Hourly Rates

  • Principal Design Consultant @ $170.00
  • Roaster Installation & Consulting @ $150.00
  • Drafting/Design @ $125.00
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering @ $165.00
  • Administration Services (Per Contract)
  • Associate Consulting @ $133.00
  • Installation Foreman @ $110.00
  • Installation @ $90.00
  • Chemist @ $155.00
  • Proposal Coordination @ $90.00 /hr
  • Refurbish Roaster Labor @ $90.00/hr
  • Service Call Fee @ $100.00 + Travel Time and Expenses
  • Repair Technician @$90.00/hr
  • Roaster Maintenance @ $85/hr (Per Contract Services)
  • Crating Labor @ $75.00/hr
  • Travel Time @ $50.00/hr
  • Food Per Diem @ $50.00/day

Additional Incurred Costs:

  • Reimbursables Cost Plus 20%
  • Equipment Purchasing/Reproduction Cost Plus 20%
  • Outside Consultants Cost Plus 20%
  • Reproduction Costs Plus 20%

So, How Can We Help You?

We’d love to connect to see how we can help grow your coffee roasting business. Start the conversation by letting us know more about you, your roastery, and your goals and roadblocks. What’s on your equipment wish list? Do you need to sell equipment?

Whatever your needs are, we invite you to check out our consulting services and rates, and then CLICK HERE to contact us today to discuss how we can help you improve your coffee roastery achievements.