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CoffeeTec's Vendor Marketplace

Put your coffee roasting products in front of more than 10,000 coffee roastery customers worldwide and start selling!

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At CoffeeTec, we love our coffee roastery customers. And our customers want a trusted online destination where they can purchase a wide variety of coffee roasters and roasting equipment. We're always looking for innovative ways to add value for our customers. When you join the CoffeeTec Vendor Marketplace, you take part in offering those customers better selection, great prices, and a stellar customer experience.


CoffeeTec Traffic


Put your products in front of thousands of customers who search every day. 

When you start selling on, you become part of a retail destination in the coffee roasting industry. Our 10K+ customers visit each month to shop for new and used coffee equipment through our CT Connect program and take advantage of our consulting and education services. Vendors sell with us for one reason: to expand their reach through multiple channels to our broad and diverse global customer base who come to to shop. That’s the CoffeeTec Edge!


Benefits for selling on

Interested in joining the CoffeeTec Vendor Marketplace?



Did You Know

What We Look For

We’ll connect with you to determine if your company and products would be a good fit for us. In our six-point review process, we’ll:

✔ Conduct a product quality check for your eligibility as a future CoffeeTec vendor

✔ Check customer reviews

✔ Verify typical inventory in stock and replenishment timelines  

✔ Identify manufacturing time and process (location, materials, etc.)  

✔ Consider your shipping lead time  

✔ Review your service recovery process/return policy, standard warranty, terms and conditions, vendor field support, etc.

 Coffee Crafters Quote

Think We’re a Match? 

Once you fill out and submit our application form, here’s what will happen next:


Think We're a Match?


  • Check out our FAQs
  • Click the button below and fill out our simple application form. We’ll reach out to set up a time to talk and get all your questions answered.




Promoting Your Product

Beyond product listings in our online shop, CoffeeTec can actually boost your product offering — and your brand — using our proven digital marketing techniques. In the industry, we call it “pulling” and “pushing.” The difference: A “push” campaign includes digital Internet ads, email campaigns, digital directories, and more. This allows us to reach out to targeted contacts of like interest and offer your product, versus waiting for them to come to us via search engines and website linking (“pull”).

When you become part of the CoffeeTec Vendor Marketplace, you receive everything included in our BASIC promotional package:


Vendor Network Boost Package


Or, you can opt in to our BOOST promotional package:

Booster Promo Package

With CT's Boost Package, You Get All This:

1. Blog Feature

  • We'll create a story article about your company, product, innovations.
  • Includes telephone interview.
  • Average 1500 words, formatted either in interview style or general feature (determined by our writer).
  • Promoted through our coffee community via Social Media postings on all channels and our 15k opt'd-in email recipients.
  • You have access to same professionally written copy for your own marketing.
  • See our recent Roastery Story for Evans Brothers Coffee here.

2. Display Ad

  • We'll create a promotional display ad and place it on the home page of for one month.
  • It will feature your branding only.
  • We'll provide you a copy of the final promotional graphic for your own use.
Vendor Display Ad

3. Email Campaigning

  • CoffeeTec's database is highly segmented by specific equipment need and timeline for purchase.
  • We'll create a "short" list of highly receptive contacts and create a special email campaign with automated listing retargeting just for them.
  • This retargeting approach allows us to track interested buyers by tracking when they open the email.
  • This action is captured in our system, which then triggers a direct sales call by our staff.

4. Social Media

  • We'll "boost" and level up your social media presence on all our channels, adding two additional, unique posts.

5. Retargeting Campaign

  • First, we'll do high-level research on product terms, phrases, and communities that search for your type of product.
  • Then, we'll create PPC (pay-per-click) display ads and inject them into our retargeting system.
  • The retargeting system in essence "follows" contacts with your display ad around the Internet after they show interest as they land on random pages, increasing your brand awareness and often total conversions.
  • When these contacts click your display ad, they will be directed to your product page on the website.


  • All-inclusive "boost" marketing package initial investment is $1500.
  • Subsequent months are $1000 each.
  • Month-to-month.
  • No contract.


Opportunities for Business Growth

This is only the beginning!

Once you become part of the CoffeeTec Vendor Marketplace,  you’ve just stepped onto the springboard for future promotional opportunities. We can find ways to optimize your sales opportunities through additional display advertising or special coupons and incentives. We can also look at additional options like database sharing and backlinking.

Contact us to discuss details.