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Shore Programmed Coffee Moisture Meter 930C




This portable digital model helps meter and verify moisture content of coffee before going to market, without the need for moisture or temperature conversion tables (not to be used for ground coffee). Programmed for either raw, green, dried or para gaming as well as for roasted coffee in whole bean. Scale built-in with temperature to adjust accuracy within .05% of scientific oven test.

Case and Adaptor Kit

Model comes in kit format with pint weight cup, strike off stick, test dump cell, calibration weight, fabric padded carrying case, and AC adapter. Digital accuracy readings. Test weight in lbs/bushels. ALL IN ONE MODEL!!!


  • Rugged construction.
  • Integrated scale for sample weighing and test weight.
  • User adjustable calibration bias for each grain allows a match with any reference.
  • Moisture testing calibrations available for a large variety of coffee, tea and cocoa bean commodities, including Hawaii coffee.
  • Powered by batteries or an included AC adapter (included).
  • Large 8-character alphanumeric LCD display with backlight for use in low-level light conditions.


  • Environmental operating temperature range: +32 to +140° F. (+0° to +60° C)
  • Measurement range (varies with commodity) with typical moisture ranges from 6% to 40%.
  • Sample temperature range: +22° to +160° F (+6° to 72° C)
  • Sample test time: 5 to 35 seconds depending on sample temperature. Samples that are above 100° F. (38° C.) or below 40° F. (4° C.) will take a maximum of 35 seconds to allow for accurate temperature sensing. Samples closer in temperature to the meter will take only a few seconds.

Also available in 220 volt.