120 kilo: Gothot and Silos - Totally Rebuilt

120 KILO: GOTHOT AND SILOS - TOTALLY REBUILT  As this totally rebuilt Gothot  was installed and the plant was not given the needed government permits to operate . . . so the business plan is not going to happen. Includes: Loader Roaster - by Gothot - totally rebuilt Cooler Controls Chaff Cyclone De-Stoner Afterburner 13 cell silos made by Probat x300 kilo roasted . . . or 700 kilo green Set for 380 V 3-phase 50/60 Hz Weishaupt Burner/Heat source set for Propane. Floor Space Required 20' x 13' x 12' tall . . . and this footprint leaves a little room to move around. This will all fit into one high cube Container and ship most anywhere in the world. It is manual in control - however the burners all modulate. The Silo system is really a complete and pictorial showpiece and can be laid out much better for a more visual demonstration of flow.