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120 kilo: Trabattoni Roaster


120 KILO: TRABATTONI ROASTER  - are you anywhere close to Australia . . . as a major production roaster is available from Australia - although it can work anywhere in the world. Currently it is all 50 Hz 400 volt electrical. What makes this roaster so special? First of all - it is a cast iron roaster and that really makes a huge advantage on the radiant heat as the coffee develops and comes up to color.  Also, the roaster is one of the most quiet running of any roasters in the world. The flame from the burner system never touches the drum as it is a total double wall cylinder that forces all the development heat to enter in the back and exit out the front. Even the loading vacuum is super quiet - so everything about this machine is very likeable. To be totally honest . . . there are a few spots of cosmetic improvements that can be made during re-installation. This has had 8 years of service - except for the Thermal oxidizer that is almost new as lots bucks just 6-8 months ago so you can enjoy lots of years of working on this machine. By the way - Trabbatoni is a really nice manufacturer - a small company in Italy - but totally committed to quality coffee and builds their machinery accordingly. Talk to us with your questions as we know this machinery. Year Built: 2008 Location: Australia Basic Dimensions: 169" x 83" x 142" h | 430 x 210 x 360 (cm) - Not including oxidizerWeight: 7,276 lbs or 3300 kgNatural GasManufactured 12/2008 Includes: Nilfisk Pneumatic green bean loader Destoner with 300kg batching hopper Complete thermal oxidizer Complete electrical control panel.