120 kilo: Used Probat Cast Iron Werke GN120 Coffee Roaster

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120 Kilo Probat Werke GN 120 Cast Iron Coffee Roaster

Modified original 1897 Probat 120 kilo industrial roaster . . . the cast iron style body and came directly to US from Germany and was first outfitted with US electrical.  This is sold AS-IS and will require somebody with controls knowledge as the panel has all sorts of speed control and computer screen modules and not much more than the basics electrical outline wiring schematics.  This roaster went in to a major chocolate factory where they roasted coffee for promo products and for controlling actual coffee into chocolate recipes.  So, no heavy use . . . but the exhaust fan was changed to be variable - same with drum speed.  

There is a manual bucket loader, destoner assembly and some spare parts . . . There is a chaff collector that has been wrapped in insulation so as to not add any heat to the plant. We have tested the rotation - went inside for inspection and can see that the insides are not showing any great wear or tear 
  • Need 7'6" for the width - plus the destoner and the sub panel for control.  There is another main panel that will have to mount on the wall somewhere and pipe to the sub on the machine
  • Allow 16' front to back  -  plus some wiggle room in the rear of the machine for maintenance.
  • Allow 11' clear for inlet hopper - as the loader will be above that and slide down into the hopper.
  • Currently Natural Gas Burners at 120,000 BTU divided into 3 stages, electronically controlled
  • Electricity - 3 phase @ 208 - 240/480 and drawing 100/50 amps accordingly
  • In Storage ready to transport - talks full truck - at probably 12,000 pounds.
  • Ships from San Jose storage facility.
While it is ugly . . . it is workable and you can call me (Jay) directly @ 650 556-1333 x5 as I have been on location and know the machinery.