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30 kilo: Primo Warden-Xr30 - NEW



Experience Primo Roasting

Made In The USA!

Hand made machinery built with American steel. We offer machines you can depend on with an industry leading Two-Year Warranty.

Primo RoastingWith over 28 ​years of expertise and experience, Primo Roasting Equipment is proud to be regarded as a manufacturing leader. As veterans in the industry, Primo Roasting Equipment has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that’s incomparable. We utilize this experience to provide both companies and individuals with quality and innovative products they can truly count on.

In all machine sizes, Primo roasters use specially designed paddle mechanisms to move the coffee in the drum efficiently, creating an even roast throughout the beans. Our variable rotation speed allows different batch sizes to be roasted on the same machine. Our drum, airflow, and paddles keep the beans movement consistent inside the drum.  Our precise hot airflow roast the beans with as little drum contact as possible. Primo roaster’s features create a steady bean pattern and an unvarying, quality roast.

The high processing quality of the Primo Xr-series is partly thanks to its premium design. The machines roast and cool simultaneously, with individual exhaust for cooling and roasting air. We use automated gas control with infrared ceramic burner technology for ease of use and consistent batch quality control. Our two stage temperature controller with automatic thermal control comes standard on all Primo roasters.

The Warden-Xr30 roaster can roast batch sizes between 35-70 pounds (15.87kg - 31.75kg) and has a roasting capacity of 225 lbs. per hour (102kgph). The Warden-Xr30 is specially developed for those looking to move to production roasting. With an output of up to 225 lbs. per hour (102kgph), this roaster is perfect for roasting, testing, and mastering specialty coffee.

Features Warden-Xr30

  • Specially designed paddles keep mixing consistent
  • Automated two-stage temperature controller 
  • Variable drum speed control for different batch sizes
  • Roast & cool simultaneously with dual motors
  • Independent drum airflow motor to allow consistent roast/airflow and prevent airflow disruption from cooling
  • Independent cooling motor to allow efficient cooling without disrupting drum airflow
  • Includes independent cyclone for max chaff collection
  • Accessible chaff bin for ease of emptying
  • Hinged sidewalls to make cleaning easy & simple
  • Digital temperature and time display to make roasting simple
  • 100% designed & manufactured in the U.S.A.



BATCH 35-70 pounds (15.87kg - 31.75kg) 
CAPACITY 225 lbs per hour (102kgph)
POWER 110v or 220v, Single-phase, 60Hz
FUEL Natural Gas or Propane
DIMENSIONS 101.5"x103.5"x78" (including cyclone)
WEIGHT 1800 lbs.

Warranty: 2 years parts - Lifetime on workmanship.

Warden-Xr30 base price: $44,495.00 USD.

Additional options include:

  • 110v or 220v power supply
  • Natural Gas or Propane fuel
  • Standard Paint choice:
    • Admiral Blue
    • Artic Blue
    • Candy Red
    • Dandelion Yellow
    • Jet Black
    • Parakeet Green
    • Spice Orange
    • None
  • Custom Paint on trim, doors, individual panels - (additional $1000 USD):
    • Admiral Blue
    • Artic Blue
    • Ash Grey
    • Candy Red
    • Dandelion Yellow
    • Expresso Brown
    • Parakeet Green
    • Vineyard Purple
    • None
  • USB Data Logging - (additional $500 USD)
  • Additional Thermocouples - (add $150 USD for each)


CONTACT SALES @ 650-556-1333 to review options and discuss getting this to your roastery!

Crating and Shipping not included in the listed price. 

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