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5 kilo: Primo Roaster (PRI T)



Primo makes very modern-looking roasting machines that are very basic and allows the operator to control every detail of the roast. Remember, the bean is boss and it is your job to watch carefully the bean development and get into setting your completion temperature (set temperature) and allowing the natural rise of heat to perfect your repeated roast settings. The Digital temp controller is designed to sound the upcoming completion so that you can be alerted to the finish steps. Your Burner control is Low NOx Infrared Burner (IR) that is extremely gentle in transferring heat . . . even meets the most strict rules of LA County. If you want, an additional Thermal-couple probe can be added for your future profile-tracking software that you may want to install yourself - and you can discuss such options with us. Warranty is 2 years on parts and lifetime on workmanship. Be aware - lead time of 12 weeks is currently a normal manufacturing time . . . but call and ask for sure.


  • Batch Capacity - 12 lbs
  • Est. Loss - 18%: Green: 12.0 lbs & Roasted: 10.0 lbs
  • Roasted Capacity per hour total: 40 lbs
  • Crated Shipping Weight: 700 lbs
  • Dimensions: 69 High x 29 Deep x 26 Wide
  • Electrical: 110 V - 14.5 A & 220 V -7.5 A
  • CFM: Roasting = 160 & Cooling = 160
  • Gas Supplied - 3/4 inlet: Natural & Propane
  • Venting: Chaff Cooler Vent = 6 in
  • Colors Red, Royal Blue, Hunter Green, Black, Canary Yellow, Burgandy (see color chart below)
  • Warranty: 2 year parts - Life time on workmanship

Standard Features

  • Digital temperature controller
  • Remote Chaff Cyclone
  • Brushed stainless steel face plate
  • IR Burner