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6 Kilo - Giesen W6 Roaster - 2018 Model - Very Good Condition - Used

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6 Kilo - Giesen W6A Roaster - 2018 Model - Very Good Condition - Used

Dutch Craftsmanship!

Discover the excellence of the Giesen W6A 6 Kilo roaster, a 2018 model highly sought after among coffee connoisseurs. This Dutch manufacturer's flagship machine is revered for its serious capabilities, making it the top choice for dedicated coffee roasters.

Featuring the hallmark design of all W6 roasters, this machine incorporates two fans, enabling simultaneous roasting and cooling. This innovative design not only enhances efficiency but also boosts production capacity to an impressive 24 kg per hour.

Giesen roasters are renowned for their robust construction, and the W6A is no exception. The massive front cast iron cap ensures optimal heat retention, resulting in a consistent and continual roast that aficionados crave.

This particular roaster, a gem located in the Eastern USA, boasts a unique story. Its one-time owner is parting with it as their production has grown, prompting the acquisition of a larger roaster. The initial purchase was driven by a passion for "old world" heavy, solid coffee roasters, and Giesen perfectly embodies this aesthetic.

Meticulously maintained on a weekly schedule and kept immaculately clean, this roaster showcases less than 2000 hours of use. The accompanying pictures speak volumes about its condition, providing a visual testament to its care and quality. This roaster is fully operational with no issues.

Included in this exceptional package are features that elevate the roasting experience:

  • Gas gauge and manual valve
  • Dual temperature probes (thermocouples)
  • Cropster or Artisan access plug-and-play integration
  • Natural Gas operation
  • Variable drum speed
  • Variable fan speed

For those in search of a reliable, high-capacity coffee roaster, this Giesen W6A 6 Kilo model offers not only advanced functionality but also a rich history and top-notch maintenance, making it a standout choice in the world of coffee roasting.

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    CONDITION: Very good, 
    LOCATION: Eastern, USA
    YEAR BUILT: 2018
    LAST USED: Oct 2022
    LAST SERVICE: Oct 2022
    HEAT: Natural Gas
    POWER:  220v Single Phase
    ROASTER DIMENSIONS 50x29x68 / 995 lbs.
    BATCH SIZE: 6 kilos / 13 lbs per batch