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75 Kg - Probat EN300R 75 Kilo Roaster - Early 1980's Refurbished in 2013 - Very Good Condition - Used



75 Kg - Probat EN300R 75 Kilo Roaster

- Early 1980's Refurbished in 2013 - Very Good Condition - Used

A Probat workhorse rarely becomes available because roasters do not want to part with them. This one has been cared for and rebuilt by Marty Curtis, one of the best technicians in the coffee industry. The nameplate is missing, lost in a move from the original owner; however, we believe it is an early 1980s roaster. In 2013 the roaster was completely refurbished to like new condition and continued to be one of several roasters the plant used in production. Due to a passing in the family recently, the business model had to change, and a transition is in place to the next generation. The roaster is in very good condition and is still used once per week to ensure solid operational condition. Located in the coffee-rich Northwest region of the U.S., this Probat represents a unique blend of Probat quality and modern reliability.

This complete package includes:

·        Probat EN300R 75 kilo roaster (R series in this Probat means   Recirculating offering greater energy efficiency and reduced     emissions.)

The R Series commercial coffee roasters are designed for high-volume roasting across the entire color development spectrum. Flexible enough to fit any profile, this roaster enables repeatable and consistent roasts, batch after batch. – Probat

·        Full Control Panel in very good operating condition

·        Cooler

·        Destoner

·        Chaff Collector

·        Thermal Oxidizer

·        Chimney and venting pipes included

NOTE: Loader pictured is NOT INCLUDED with this sale. We can order one for you.

 Dismantling, Crating and Freight are not included in the price.

CONTACT SALES DIRECT @ 650-569-0011 to discuss getting this to your roastery!

All roasters are sold as-is. Crating and Shipping not included in the listed price.


LOCATION: Northwestern USA
YEAR BUILT: 1980's era - Refurbished 2013
LAST USED: April 2024
LAST SERVICE: Regular Maintenance - twice per year
ORIGINAL MANUALS: Roaster Diagram and Manuals
BURNER FUEL: Propane (can order NG orifices) 
POWER: 408v 
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT: Roaster, Control Panel (Great Condition), Cooler, Destoner, Chaff Collector Thermal Oxidizer, Chimney/Venting
CAPACITY: 75 kg per batch