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Automatic Constant Heat Sealer HEAVY DUTY



Wide Seal Bench or Vertical Constant Heat Sealer

This Heavy Duty Constant Heat Sealer is often called the "Tire Tread" sealer boasting a special automatic or manual-on-demand style.

Because the Constant, or Always ON heat, this sealer is excellent for sealing gusseted coffee bags, aluminum foil coated bags, cellophane film, humidity-proof cellophane film, polyethylene film, and aluminum foil coated paper gusseted coffee bags.

Automatic or Manual

A footswitch is included for manual operation 5/8 inch mesh seal excellent for thick bags.

Optional serrated jaws available.

Vertical stand model adjusts to 42" height.

Seal bar length for either model is 8, 12, 16, 24 inch.

Seal thickness 15mm = .59"