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Digital Read Scale Hopper



Heavy stainless steel construction, seamless polyethylene weigh hopper battery powered control 4 casters with brakes quick-clamp conveying hose connector.

Do you want accurate blends for your roast? Do you want to eliminate the extra work to make sure you get every bean emptied from a container? Do you have a blender that you want to load with an accurate blend? Our weigh hopper is the answer you have been waiting for. It is accurate to .1 pounds. The frame is made from heavy duty 12 gauge stainless steel. It is portable with four casters that you can lock in place. The spill guard will help make sure your batch goes in the hopper and not on the floor.

  • Up to 120 pounds of green beans
  • No more tilting a brute container to get the last beans for your roast!