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Bentwood Vertical Grinder

Color: Black


With straightforwardness at its core, the Vertical 63 is centered around a pair of vertically oriented 63-millimeter flat burrs. Beans travel in a straight line through those burrs from the hopper to the portafilter or cup, with a body presented in bold shapes.

The grinder is designed primarily for commercial cafe applications but is equally well suited to “the ambitious home barista,” according to Bentwood Founder and Managing Director Manuel Maimann-Stern.

The hopper holds up to 600 grams of coffee on top; the horizontal central cylinder houses the motor, burrs, and adjustment dials, and the metal and wood base provides a solid foundation while concealing electrical details.

The custom steel burrs are spun by the motor at 1400 RPM. The motor is actively cooled by a two-fan ventilation system. Particles to exit the machine towards a portafilter holder that can be adjusted without tools.

Eschewing the industry tradition of assigning largely arbitrary numbers to the positions on its adjustment dial, the numbers on the dial of the Vertical 63 indicate the measurement in microns of the peak of the particle distribution curve of grounds produced at that setting.

63mm Vertical Burrs – Special steel Flat Burrs designed to enrich sweetness and clarity in the cup.

Intuitive Grind Adjustment – The stepless grind adjustment guides you intuitively to your perfect grind setting by showing an indication of the particle size in microns.

Cool Grinding – With active cooling units throughout the body for a cool and silent running motor.

Minimal Retention – <0.1-0.4g with Controllable Vibrating Grind Chute. 

Espresso Capable – Time Dosing is available to maximize speed and efficiency on the bar.

Filter Coffee Purposed – Dial to the perfect micron size and single-dose easily for delicious manual brewing.

Customizable Looks – Swap out and change Wood Panels to suit the look of the cafe.

Low Bench Height – Keeping the Grinder's height low so you can still see over it.


  • Idle Speed: 1400 rpm
  • Burr Diameter: 63mm
  • Burr Material: Steel
  • Max. Nominal Power: 660 W
  • Dimensions 8 x 16.5 x 22
  • Net Weight: 46.5 lbs