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Multi- Lane High Speed Automatic K-cup Filling and Sealing Machine

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This is a high quality automatic machine for coffee or tea.  It can also be used for liquid (sauce) and other solid powders.  This is the DCC Series manufactured by Eastsign International Ltd. and sold and supported by Eastsign Inc. Dallas, TX.

Features include:

  • Single, double or 4 lanes
  • Auger filling controlled by quality components by Schneider Servomotor.
  • Transparent hopper
  • Pre-cut Aluminum Foil or Roll Film (Special request) for lids
  • Hot Lid sealing system
  • Nitrogen Flush is available
  • High quality components
  • K Cup, Nespresso or Kshot molds
  • 12 month warranty

 Specifications for Model RCC-1-3000:

DCC-1-1500 DCC-2-3500 DCC-4-7000
1 lane
2 lane 4 lane
Production Speed: 15-30 cups/min  30-30 cups/min  15-30 cups/min 
Max Fill Capacity: 20g 20g 20g
Filling Accuracy: +/- 1.5% +/- 1.5% +/- 1.5%
Electric Power: 220V  60Hz 220V  60Hz 220V  60Hz
Motor Power: 1.5kW 6kW 8kW
Weight: 1430lb / 650kg 2750lb / 1250kg 6600lb / 3000kg

77" x 36" x 87" 1950x900x200

130" x 48 x 69" 1860x750x2850

178" x 63" x 95"  4500x1600x2400

  • Fast delivery from Dallas, TX or Hong Kong
  • Economical and reliable solution
  • Installation services available
  • One year parts warranty
  • Good support
  • Training available.
  • Custom design machines also available

See the machines in action here: