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Nano-Purification Solutions GEN2 i4.0 Nitrogen Generator



GEN2 i4.0 Ultra High Purity Nitrogen Gas Generator Skids Nitrogen is used in many packaging applications to extend the freshness, shelf life, and shipping range of the product. Liquid or bottled nitrogen delivery and storage can be expensive, unreliable, and a safety concern. Nitrogen generators allow users to produce nitrogen in-house simply and with nano’s packaging skids, it couldn’t be easier.

Nano provides factory-engineered turn-key packaging skids complete with filters, compressed air dryer, generator, and tanks. If left to a mechanical contractor who is unfamiliar with the application and/or the equipment, problems could arise at startup resulting in costly downtime or production delays. nano FPS skids are completely tested prior to shipment to limit problem situations at start-up. If any issues did arise, they are addressed in our facility, not the installation site. 

All inquiries MUST fill out an equipment specification worksheet to confirm exact product application.

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Nano-Pure Nitrogen Generator Skid



Guaranteed Performance
• 100% function and performance tested at our factory

Rapid Return on
• significant cost savings over a cylinder or liquid supply provides a typical return on investment of fewer than 24 months
• ecomode energy savings control reduces energy consumption during periods of low demand

Fits any Application
• maximum design operating pressure of 232 PSIG available

Design Quality
• mass flow controller - ensures correct application pressure and flow
• integral oxygen analyzer - continuously measures and guarantees gas quality
• purity guarantee valve - automatically ensures gas meets desired specifications
• remote monitoring - enables connection to proprietary remote management and generator control systems

Easy to Install
• plug and play
• simple installation
• packaged solution 
• reduces installation costs 
• simplifies start-up and commissioning

Safe & Reliable
• eliminates the safety hazards of transporting and storing pressurized gas cylinders or liquid nitrogen

Easy to Maintain
• innovative piston valves significantly reduce maintenance schedules and minimize downtime

Environmentally Friendly
• reduces carbon footprint by eliminating gas delivery to
your facility


The technologically advanced nano GEN2 i4.0 nitrogen generator operates on the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) principle to produce a continuous uninterrupted stream of nitrogen gas from clean dry compressed air.

Dual-chamber extruded aluminum columns are filled with Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS). Joined via an upper and lower manifold, the high density filled columns to produce a dual bed system.

After a preset time, the control system automatically switches the beds. One bed is always online generating nitrogen while the other is being regenerated. During regeneration, the oxygen that has been collected in the CMS stage and the moisture that has been collected in the optional integrated dryer stage are exhausted to the atmosphere.

A small portion of the outlet nitrogen gas is expanded into the bed to accelerate the regeneration process.

Nano-Pure Nitrogen Generator

Generator Options:

  • Upgraded pre-treatment regenerative air dryer with or without Energy Savings feature
  • Purity Dependent Energy Savings (PDES) Option
  • Column Pressure Monitoring
  • Communication Package (Modbus, EtherNet, Profibus or ProfiNet)
  • Nitrogen outlet dew point monitoring OR Inlet air dew point monitoring
  • Flow Monitoring Input 4-20mA (flow meter not included)

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