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The Best Bin - 4 or 8 Gallon Storage Bin




These 4 or 8 Gallon Storage Bins are The BEST Bins Ever

Compared to other existing 3-gallon polycarbonate bins,  The Best Bin's 4-gallon (1 extra gallon) bin is narrower in width than other bins, shorter in height and has a depth of 18 inches.

This profile more fully utilizes the standard retail shelf, which is typically 18-22 inches deep.

More SKU's per Shelf

The system also increases SKUs per shelf and is why The Best Bin delivers 50 to 70 % more capacity per each 4-foot shelf section.

Reduces Clean-Up Costs

Now, with the new portion control design, The Best Bin also reduces clean up costs and increases consumer satisfaction leading to greater profits for our customers.

The Best Bins Features

10 bins per 48 shelf / 8 bins per 100 cm shelf 70 % more capacity per 4-foot /1-meter section than other polycarbonate bins.

Outside the Food Zone

The closure system is outside the food zone and hidden from the consumer's eye. No more springs in the food zone crushing food stuffs.

Fewer parts make cleaning and disassembly easy

Unique bayonet and snap-on parts! The tightest lid in the industry! Lid has continuous seam similar to the storage containers that are used to refrigerate foods 100 % product rotation.

Built-in UV Protection

Think Freshness Polycarbonate has a 100 % build-in UV protectant and is 35 times stronger than acrylic Bio-Safe and tamper-resistant design Rounded corners in bin eliminate residue False front displays product contents of bin Clip-on label holder for product information All parts are industrial dishwasher safe Intuitive rubber-gripped handle is obviously


Interior flow channel enhances smooth dispensing Made of polycarbonate, a non-porous plastic. Coffee oils cannot seep into plastic contrary to acrylics. No need to worry about cracking, crazing, hazing or yellowing.

Specifications: 8 gallon / 30 liter (NG-8) Height = 27/68.6 cm* Width = 4.75/12.1 cm Depth = 18/45.7 cm 4 gallon / 15 liter (NG-4) Height = 16/40.6 cm* Width = 4.75/12.1 cm Depth = 18/45.7 cm Note: The NG-8

Bin has the same foot print as the NG-4 bin, but is 9 higher Note: Portion Control Handle can be purchased separately if you have an older model of the Best Bin.