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Orifice Reamer Cleaner




This unique service tool is a versatile pocket pen to allow the user to clean or ream out orifices of different sizes without changing tools. When done it fits in their pocket!

The pen is a two part tool. The housing is made from .375" diameter 6061 aluminum with a diamond knurl placed in the middle for finger control. The reamer is made from heat treated steel for strength and long life. The tool allows for a range from .125" to size #52 (0.0635"). The calibration ranges have been permanently etched on the top of the stem for easy view and there is a hex head for firm finger grip when in use.

These two parts are connected by a multipurpose rubber "O" that fits between the reamer and the housing. Once the desired calibration is selected, the pen can be locked into position by being lightly turned in either direction. When done, turn the tool back to center and slide closed.