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Sample Roaster STA Impianti Model Expo 500



The Model Expo 500 is used for laboratory tests or to search for new blends and flavors. A technologically advanced ideal tool for laboratory testing such as quality control on raw coffee.

Reliability & Security

This roaster is made with the same requirements for reliability and security features of the bigger and more sophisticated industrial roasting machines. It is available with an electric resistance type heating generator and a manual control system.

Technical Data

Roaster capacity: 500g Standard / 200g Min
Roasting cycle: 8 minutes
Raw coffee processing per hour: 1.5 Kg

3 Installed electric power: 1,8 Kw OR Installed thermal power: 1,1
Installed electric power: 0,3 kW
Voltage: 230V / 60 Hz
Weight: 132 lbs | 60 Kg.
Available in Gas or Electric

Hopper of charge steel made
Heating generator by electric resistances OR gas burner
Steel cooling tank  
2 electronic displays to control the product temperature inside the roasting drum and heating generator.
Safety devise for electric resistance switching off
Drum rotation by a geared motor
Electric fan for the roasting drum and cooling tank
Cyclone with removable container
Colors available: according to the client's request

Electric: $6,650
Gas: $7,770