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Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine by La Marzocco 

The EE model of La Marzocco is the first espresso machine designed with exacting inputs from the La Marzocco Street Team: a group of world-class baristas, technicians, and experts.

Low Maintenance
Brew via manual pre-infusion, semi-automatically.

The electric solenoid valve provides low maintenance.


Group Options:

2 Group: $17,8003 Group: $19,400

Boiler Type: Individual coffee boilers

Pump Type: Single external rotary pump

PID Temperature

Controller: Yes

Pre-heating System: Yes

Steam Actuation: Lever

Display & Programming: LCD with job wheel

Body Panel: Stainless Steel

Color: Stainless Steel

Note: Custom colors are available. Inquire for details.

Specifications: Height: 19"Width: 32" for 2 Group & 40" for 3 GroupDepth: 26"Weight: 155 lbs for 2 Group & 199 lbs for 3 GroupVoltage: 208-240 V, 1 phase

Amperage: 25 for 2 Group & 35 for 3 Group

Watts: 4900 for 2 Group & 6700 for 3 Group

Coffee Boiler (liters): 1.3x2 for 2 Group & 1.3x3 for 3 Group

Steam Boiler (liters): 8.2 for 2 Group & 11.8 for 3 Group