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Roastery Story: What's The Buzz Specialty Coffee

Roastery Story: What's The Buzz Specialty Coffee

Meet the Client

What's The Buzz Coffee Logo

What’s The Buzz Specialty Coffee is a popular coffee roastery and cafe in College Station, TX — home to top-rated Texas A&M University in the heart of the Brazos Valley.

In the past decade, What’s The Buzz Specialty Coffee, owned by Rodrigo Chavez, has established itself as a locally respected micro-roastery that’s now roasting approximately 3,000 pounds of coffee a week, with a solid roster of wholesale and retail accounts. A quick scan of their 5-star Google reviews confirms that Rodrigo's customers are a loyal bunch that’s just as passionate about coffee as he is.

Rodrigo believes that once a good bean is in his hands, it’s his job to bring out the best of the bean in the roasting process — and he knows it takes a good, solid commercial roaster to help him deliver the best coffee product he can to meet growing demand. 

With this in mind, Rodrigo contacted CoffeeTec in November 2020. After 11 years of putting his older roasters through the paces to keep up with increasing demand, it was time for a roaster refresh.

Two Roasters: Double Output or Double Trouble?

When Rodrigo purchased What’s The Buzz Specialty Coffee, it came with a 2008 Probat L12 12-kilo roaster. He was already roasting on a 2007 15-kilo Toper, so he combined the two under one roof at his new roastery facility with dreams of doubling his output. But, Rodrigo quickly learned that as demand kept growing, it became more difficult to run both machines at the same time.

The Multiple Machine Problem

Rodrigo Chavez What's The Buzz Specialty Coffee quote about CoffeeTec

First, Rodrigo and his team had to factor in the cost and time investment to upkeep two roasters, including regular cleaning and maintenance. Second, each roaster roasts a bit differently, which involved understanding how to use both machines to create a consistent product. Even with the best efforts, Rodrigo had to accept that the profiles of the coffee just didn’t come out exactly the same — even when roasting the same beans. (And we didn’t even mention the space that two roasters swallow up or higher electricity bills.)

At that point, Rodrigo decided to sell both roasters and purchase one that could handle the same, or even more, volume than the two machines combined. 

It’s worth noting that both roasters, even though they were  10-15 years old, were in excellent working condition due to Rodrigo’s excellent care and upkeep — allowing Rodrigo to capitalize on a great resale value. So, consider this a PSA to take care of your roaster. The biggest short-term motivating factor might be to minimize disruptions in your roasting business but your diligence can also pay off long-term if you decide to trade that roaster up or down.

The CoffeeTec Experience

Rodrigo Chavez quote about CoffeeTec

Once Rodrigo decided to pull the trigger in November 2020, he hopped on the phone with CoffeeTec. They started mapping out a plan to sell Rodrigo’s 12-kilo Probat and 15-kilo Toper and replace it with a brand new 30-kilo Primo.

Tapping into CoffeeTec’s extensive network, CoffeeTec researched used coffee roaster prices around the world and created a pricing strategy for the used Probat and Toper that would bring quick sales. The goal was to bring Rodrigo top dollar offers in order to buy the Primo he wanted, plus have extra profit left over.

Rodrigo selected the Primo roaster since he was able to get it for a good price, completely tailored to his needs, including a custom color that Rodrigo chose to fit into What’s The Buzz’s branding and image. It also came with a coveted two-year full warranty.

Handled In Under 100 Days

CoffeeTec immediately listed both roasters on the CoffeeTec website and sold the Probat within three weeks of listing — for full price. The Toper also sold the same week but was held on deposit until Rodrigo received his new Primo roaster so that the roasting process was uninterrupted. The Primo 30k roaster was delivered, installed, and commissioned the first week of February 2021. 

At the last minute, the Toper roaster fell out of sale status with the original buyer due to a change in the buyer’s coffee business (thanks, COVID). Like most deals, CoffeeTec had a backup buyer in place and sold the Toper the next day. 

From start to finish, this “roaster refresh” took just over 90 days and put over $5000 of cash in Rodrigo’s hand as profit on the whole deal. He was then able to use part of his profit to purchase a used Mahlkonig grinder from CoffeeTec.

Timeline CoffeeTec solved equipment needs for What's The Buzz Specialty Coffee


Reflecting on the Roaster Refresh, And How You Can Experience It For Yourself

Rodrigo couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Not only did he save money in double maintenance costs but Primo’s two-year full warranty would help him handle any needed maintenance under warranty without taking cash out of his pocket.

We at CoffeeTec are also thrilled with how this particular sale played out, leaving not only one happy customer but three. Rodrigo came out ahead but so did the happy buyers of his used Toper and Probat roasters.

Considering a “roaster refresh” for yourself? We’d love to do for you what we did for What’s The Buzz Specialty Coffee — whether that means selling a roaster, buying a roaster, or orchestrating a serious swap like we did for Rodrigo.

We know that COVID hasn’t dealt any of us extra favors, so this could be a good time to make some changes to your roastery business in order to stay afloat as we all transition to post-pandemic life and business operations. 

CoffeeTec Is Here To Help

We’re here for you and would love to help you make the best purchasing, design, or layout decisions for your coffee roastery’s operations — including a “roaster refresh.” No matter where you are in your coffee journey, we want to see you succeed. Check out our consulting and education services. 

What’s The Buzz bought its new Primo roaster outright with earnings from selling its two used roasters, but perhaps you’re interested in financing through our competitive Roaster’s Choice Lending Program or are considering the option and benefits of buying used. We’ve got you covered for both. Finally, feel free to explore our FAQs, and if you still don’t have answers to your questions, contact us. Let’s help you build the coffee roastery of your dreams!

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